Celebrating Color

December 19, 2016 § 5 Comments

"The Window Washer"

“The Window Washer”

I recently answered a question in one of my Linkedin groups.  The group is a Nikon user group, and the question was what made you choose Nikon.  Back in the early ’70s, when I decided to upgrade from the cheap camera I was using, I would frequent my local camera store and ask the sales people for recommendations.  Every one of them had a different opinion…Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, Pentax…boy was I confused.  Then I started browsing through the magazines and saw a series of ads by Nikon, featuring the work of various famous photographers who shot with Nikon.  There was Eric Meola, Jay Maisel, and Pete Turner.  The work that these guys did, blew my mind, especially the work of Pete Turner!  Pete did extraordinary things in color.  He had a tremendous ability for capturing what I call “in your face” color.  What he didn’t capture in camera, he created mind boggling images using slide copying machines and a very expensive Scitec machine(the spelling may be incorrect here).  Nowadays, we can do the same things using a Mac or PC and Photoshop, but Pete Turner was truly a pioneer when it came to image manipulation and especially mind blowing color.  It was due to Pete Turner that I decided I wanted to become a professional photographer!  I eventually went to the Cooper School of Art to hone my skills, but discovered that the courses were geared towards large format cameras and studio lighting.  Not only that, but my teacher was a still life shooter who shared a rep with Phil Marco, arguably the premier still life shooter of that time.  Marco’s style was dark and moody, and for still life, I fell in love with that style.  So I became two different photographers…in the studio, dark and moody, outside, bold color.  Of course, there’s always some cross-over depending on the subject.  Anyhow, my most recent blog was studio, so I thought this time, I’d share some colorful images…a tribute to the man who changed my way of seeing!

"Blue Bridge"

“Blue Bridge”

"Looking Up"

“Looking Up”

"Fire on Wheels"

“Fire on Wheels”

"Orange Car"

“Orange Car”

"Purple Sucker"

“Purple Sucker”

"Bridge and Abstract Sky"

“Bridge and Abstract Sky”

"Pipe Organ"

“Pipe Organ”

"Looking Out the Window"

“Looking Out the Window”

"Cough Syrup"

“Cough Syrup”

"Stirring the Drink"

“Stirring the Drink”

"Rollin' Down the Highway"

“Rollin’ Down the Highway”

"Big Fins"

“Big Fins”

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Still Life…My Brother’s Collections

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"Kaleidoscopes 1"

“Kaleidoscopes 1”

Ever since I could remember, my oldest brother David collected things.  He’d travel around the U.S. and also to different countries.  Whether he was home or abroad, he was always visiting antique stores, art galleries and even thrift shops always on the lookout for interesting objects with which to decorate his apartment.  It was always interesting to visit him to see what new thing he had sitting on a table or hanging on his wall.  Sometimes he even had a unique piece of furniture such as the chair I always called the “leaf chair” that I’m including here.  He loved collecting chess sets, bronzes, paintings, and all sorts of things.  His favorite things were his kaleidoscopes, bronzes and his stereoscope and card set.  I hadn’t been in my studio shooting still life’s lately, but I figured what better subjects to shoot than my brother’s things.  Hope you enjoy the images!

"African Baskets"

“African Baskets”



"African Bronze"

“African Bronze”

"South American Objects"

“South American Objects”

"Chess Set"

“Chess Set”

"Kaleidoscopes 2"

“Kaleidoscopes 2”

"Leaf Chair"

“Leaf Chair”

"Music Stand and Albums"

“Music Stand and Albums”







"Vase and Plates"

“Vase and Plates”

"Wooden Objects"

“Wooden Objects”





One last note…on the “Paintings” image, the painting in the lower right corner with the blue and red swishes was done by my son in pre-school when he was 3-4 years old!  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my brother included it in his art collection.  As always, thanks for looking.


Rust Belt Beauty

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"Rusted Beauty 1"

“Rusted Beauty 1”

I’ve lived in Cleveland all of my life…actually in a suburb a little southeast of Cleveland proper.  I still consider Cleveland my home, live and die with our sports teams (yeah Cavs!), and take great pride in The Cleveland Orchestra, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and various businesses that call Cleveland home such as Sherwin Williams and Progressive Insurance.  I’m beginning to sound like a cheer leader!  No matter what Cleveland does, I still hear us referred to as one of the “rust belt” cities.  It’s true that Cleveland along with other mid-west cities lost a lot of manufacturing jobs.  We have our share of old abandoned factories, but there are still many producing products just like they did many years ago.  Last week, on one of my many photography field trips I take to photograph the sights of downtown Cleveland, I happened on an old manufacturing plant in one of the industrial areas.  To be honest, I have no idea what is being produced here, but I fell in love visually with the tanks and towers and winding stairs of this facility.  Here’s a sampling of what I call “Rusted Beauty”.

"Rusted Beauty 2"

“Rusted Beauty 2”

"Rusted Beauty 3"

“Rusted Beauty 3”

"Rusted Beauty 4"

“Rusted Beauty 4”

"Rusted Beauty 5"

“Rusted Beauty 5”

As always, thanks for viewing!

Cleveland Rocks…Some Unique Views Of The Rock & Roll HOF

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"A Different View"

“A Different View”

A couple of weeks ago, when I was photographing the activities during the RNC convention, I wandered over to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  There was free admission that day, and I got in for the last 30 minutes they were going to be open to the public.  There was going to be a big private party later that day and they had to get ready for that.  I had about 30 minutes, and I wanted to capture some of our out of town guests as they viewed the exhibits.  After the Hall closed, I wandered around the grounds and photographed the building.  Now everyone with a camera standing outside the Rock Hall, has the same couple of pictures, from the same angles…me included.  Let’s face it, it’s a very unique, iconic structure, and I’m still thrilled that Cleveland was awarded the Rock & Roll HOF.  I do have a problem with the fact that other than a few years, the induction ceremony is held in N.Y.C.  Come on already…the Baseball HOF inductions are held every year in the little village of Cooperstown, not Yankee Stadium!  But I digress!  So I’m walking around the outside of the Rock HOF and I decided to get some unique angles.  The geometric design of the building is really great, and it affords many different possibilities for some cool images.  The day I was there, there was not a cloud in the sky, just a plain blue background, so I composited my views of the building with some cloud shots from my files.  So here goes with the images.

"Visitor in Blue"

“Visitor in Blue”

"Early Influences In Rock History"

“Early Influences In Rock History”

"Time To Relax And Reflect"

“Time To Relax And Reflect”

"The Rock Hall Theater"

“The Rock Hall Theater”



"We Don't Need No Thought Control!"

“We Don’t Need No Thought Control!”

"One More View"

“One More View”

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Cleveland Hosts The Republican Convention

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"Crowd On E.4th"

“Crowd On E.4th”

We sure had a whole lot of people in town last week! Protesters, cops, “pro-Trump” people, “anti-Trump” people, ordinary voters…you name it and they were there…and all of them seemed to crowd onto E.4th Street at one time or another.  I wasn’t going to go down there, but my wife was late going to work, and I thought, “what the heck, I need to get out and shoot something”, so I grabbed my cameras and went downtown with her…and went downtown the next 3 days as well.  What an experience.  It doesn’t matter what you think about the candidates, but as a photographer, you can barely keep up with all the interesting subjects that seem to materialize every time you look up!  This blog will have more images than I’ve ever had before, and believe me when I tell you that my final edit cut the number almost in half.  There was just so much happening, and I didn’t even go to Public Square and I didn’t have the credentials to actually cover the convention itself.  Before I go on with the pictures, let me just say that Cleveland and Clevelanders should be proud!  The second time in a about a month we had huge crowds and no violence to speak of.  Lastly, a big shout out to the cops!  They joked, posed for pictures, and many times had a wonderful time interacting with all the people…all the while, paying attention to what was going on around them so they could assure the safety of all of us!  O.K. now for the pictures!

"More Protesters"

“More Protesters”

"Trump Vendor"

“Trump Vendor”

"The Message"

“The Message”

"I Wonder Who He's Voting For"

“I Wonder Who He’s Voting For”

"Yeah Cleveland"

“Yeah Cleveland”

"I Wouldn't Mess With These Guys"

“I Wouldn’t Mess With These Guys”

"What A Powerful Image!"

“What A Powerful Image!”

" I'm Guessing Neither Guy Likes HRC"

” I’m Guessing Neither Guy Likes HRC”

"At The Ready"

“At The Ready”

"The Media On E.4th"

“The Media On E.4th”

"Jesus?  He Must Be Running As An Independent"

“Jesus? He Must Be Running As An Independent”

"I'm Glad They Didn't Rap My Knuckles With The Ruler"

“I’m Glad They Didn’t Rap My Knuckles With The Ruler”

"Speaking Of Rapping"

“Speaking Of Rapping”

"This Delegate Is Rockin'"

“This Delegate Is Rockin'”

"I Was Praying For Some Liquid Refreshment"

“I Was Praying For Some Liquid Refreshment”

"This Guy Was My Favorite"

“This Guy Was My Favorite”



As always, thanks for looking!


What Will You Be Doing…17 Years From Now?

July 5, 2016 § 6 Comments

"Cicada 1"

“Cicada 1”

I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I started to think along those lines recently…actually just in the past couple of months or so.  The cicadas returned this Spring after being dormant for the last 17 years.  I remember the last time they were around because I was standing in a cemetery after burying a loved one, and we were discussing the annoying sound they make.  This time I felt differently.  I’m at the age, when it’s entirely possible that I won’t be around the next time they appear.  I found myself listening with a different mindset, one that found the sound not only interesting, but enjoyable.  My son takes walks almost everyday in the local parks and he told me where he found an area where the cicadas would actually land on you.  To be honest, I had never seen one close-up, so I asked my son to take me to that location.  When we got there, I was thinking I might have maybe 17 minutes left, if I was lucky…hot day, no water, but a picnic table out in no-man’s land where I could rest!  I looked down and found a dead cicada.  My son was calling me from about 50 yards away telling me they were swarming all around him, but I had enough…the dead one would do!  I posed him(her?) on the table and took a few shots.  This went well since I have had some experience working with models before.  My son returned and showed me a couple of areas where you could see the holes that the cicadas emerged from.  I shot all of these with my phone, something I would not have had with me 17 years ago.  O.K. finally I’m back to my original (dumb?) question.  17 years from now, where will you be, what will you be doing?  I think these questions gain a bit more relevance the older we get.  I personally know what I’ll be doing the next couple of days, but after that who knows.  Last week, I re-did my website.  The old one I’ve been meaning to do something with the old one since my old one had a style that dated back to at least a couple of cicada sightings!  It’s weird, but it was this cicada experience that made me realize that while I accomplished quite a few things in the last 17 years, maybe if I really buckle down, I can accomplish a lot more in the next 17.

"Cicada 2"

“Cicada 2”

"Cicada Holes 1"

“Cicada Holes 1”

"Cicada Holes 2"

“Cicada Holes 2”

Thanks for looking.

Happy 4th!

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"Colonial Williamsburg Greeter"

“Colonial Williamsburg Greeter”

In these crazy times we live in, it’s good to reflect on what our founding fathers went through back in the late 1700’s.  On one of my trips to Williamsburg, I remember listening to one of the guides/historians talk about how young these people were.  How they would meet at the local tavern and discuss breaking away from their own country to form a brand new one…you know, the everyday mundane discussions people have all the time.  Anyhow, here’s to a happy and safe 4th to all of you!