Blossom Time

August 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Blossom Time in Chagrin Falls, Ohio is what I consider the end of winter and the start of spring.  Chagrin Falls is located in what is known as the northeast Ohio snowbelt…in the last few years we’ve had a couple of winters where we got over two feet of snow in April alone, but by the time Blossom Time arrives, the snow is a distant memory.  I’ve photographed the festivities for many years now, and every year I come away with great images…high school kids being cool(well at least they think so), parents going on rides with their young kids, and people eating all sorts of foods that can’t be good for you, but boy do they taste great…o.k. I’m starting, I mean re-starting my diet next week…maybe!  I’m writing this on the day our high school football team plays it’s first game.  Where’d the summer go?  Soon we’ll be up to out butts in snow around here!  But you know what?  Blossom is only nine months away…NINE MONTHS!…oh crap!


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