Life Before Photoshop…Almost

September 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Betsy And The Giant Slide

This shot was taken over twenty years ago…way before I ever heard of Photoshop, maybe even before there was Photoshop.  I never even thought of doing behind the scenes shots back then, so you’ll have to take my word for it.  I did a lot of model testing back then and soon grew tired of shooting on seamless paper.  Location was more fun, but I decided to try my hand at set-building.  I shot a transparency of a Kodachrome slide with a macro lens.  I projected it onto two 4’x8′ sheets of foamcore and traced the lettering and window where the image goes with a pencil.  I bought paint that matched the colors as closely as possible and painted in the areas that I traced.  I cut the window out and assembled the whole “giant slide” on a frame made of 2’x4’s.  I didn’t have a studio at the time, so I shot this down in my parents basement.  I had to deal with 8′ ceilings, so I stapled black seamless to the ceiling and laid another piece on the floor.  Betsy had the perfect outfit.  I had her stand behind the slide and lean out of the window, she sat in the window on the frame and had one leg hanging out, and finally I had her do a series of jumps in front.  I have to admit, even though this was shot before Photoshop, I did use Photoshop to straighten out the lines, clean up the junk on the slide, and add a couple of finishing touches to the final image.  What took me many days to do back then could be done in a couple of hours(or less) today…but then I wouldn’t have any stories to tell!

Right Out Of The Camera


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