March 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Athlete

It’s been a long time since I would shoot someone and then discover that I had a telephone pole sticking out of their head, when editing my slides.  Slide after slide, and it’s the same thing!  If I was lucky, I might have something usable after I changed my shooting position.  I’m better than that now, but you learn to look at more than just your subject when you shoot…that’s all about being a professional, or at least it should be!  O.K. end of rant!  Sometimes though, there’s no choice when shooting on location.  Sometimes the background just plain sucks!  I discovered the fun of taking a “real” image and creating a “surreal” image.  I created a library of backgrounds, especially skies…sunsets, storm clouds, blue skies, etc.  This way I can take an image and create something new and hopefully exciting.  Here’s a couple of sample images followed by the originals…hope you enjoy them.

Old Time Baseball


Old Time Baseball/Original



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