Play Ball!

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Old Time Baseball

It’s getting near that time of year again.  Here in Cleveland, we’ve been going through a “rough patch” with our professional sports teams.  I think we’re the only city where the kids grow up dreaming of being GM’s instead of players.  We’re always planning for the drafts, making imaginary trades, or wondering what it would take to sign a free agent.  Somehow though, springtime always gives us a renewed hope…the young Indians are all going to have career years and lead us to the World Series!  And that’s after the Browns have a tremendous draft followed by the Cavs’ draft in June!  One of the groups I follow here on Twitter is WFNY…which stands for Waiting For Next Year.  After this year, they’ll have to change their name to  This Is The Year or TITY…oops, well they’ll think of something I’m sure.  Anyhow, back to baseball.  Maybe it’s the long cold snowy winters we get here in Northeast Ohio, but the last week before the regular baseball season starts seems to last forever.  I watch the Indians, I follow the two minor league teams the Indians have in the area, I watch the young kids play Little League on the field down the street from our house, and I also watch and photograph the old time baseball re-inactors that play here every Memorial Day weekend.  I watched “The Natural” again a couple of nights ago(for the 20th time…give or take a few), and will probably watch “Field of Dreams” this weekend.  Did I mention that I love baseball?  Just checking.

Old Time Baseball Team

My son's team...he's second from the right


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