“Men of Steel”

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment


I mentioned in my last post about Arnold, how I used to shoot bodybuilders at various competitions.  When I started out, I did local shows that were usually held in YMCA gyms.  The promoters would usually hang a flood light from a basketball hoop , and that was it.  I lobbied for a dark background to be placed behind the bodybuilder to hide the block wall.  I eventually got to shoot national bodybuilding shows where professional lighting crews would set up the stage lighting.  Some of the shows now have elaborate stage set-ups with lighting and backgrounds that rival Broadway shows!  I dug out some of my old slides that had great lighting, but plain black backgrounds and decided to spice up the backgrounds.  I have to give a “shout-out” to two companies who have great selections of backgrounds, brushes and many other “goodies”.   For anyone wanting to make some pretty creative images, check out http://www.illustratorcs6 and http://www.Brusheezy.com.  Hope you enjoy, and “happy creating”.


"Lee 1"

"Lee 2"


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