Things Are Happening At The Zoo

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever since I started shooting pictures, one of my favorite subjects to shoot was wild exotic animals.  My next door neighbor has gone on a number of photo safaris in Africa.  I’m so envious, but since I won’t be going on any trips to Africa anytime soon, the next best thing is visiting the local zoo.  I love shooting portraits of people, but there’s something really special about shooting a portrait of an exotic wild animal.  I love waiting for that perfect look or expression.  In the old days, you were pretty much stuck with whatever background happened to be behind your subject, but now I can strip the animal out of the original background and insert him(or her) into whatever background I choose.  I also use a couple of different Photoshop plugins to bring out the texture in the animal.  Hope you enjoy this first group.  I have a few more I’m working on, so look for part two in a future blog post.

"Mom and baby Giraffe"

"That 800lb. Gorilla in the room!"

"Just Chillin' "


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