Slow Down!

May 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Greg Wood...on location

Recently I was hired to shoot some images for a Cleveland State University program on highway safety.  The designer of the project…Bob O’Neill of O’Neill Marketing Strategies told me the amazing story of highway worker, Greg Wood, as we went over the layouts.  Back in 2009, Greg was working on a highway construction site on Interstate 77 in northern Ohio.  A drunk driver came speeding through the construction zone and hit Greg.  Greg flew over 25 feet in the air, and landed on the road.  It was a miracle that he wasn’t hit again by another car…actually, it was a miracle that he survived the initial impact.  Both of his legs were broken and required metal rods to repair them.  He had numerous broken ribs and a badly damaged left foot which still bothers him to this day.  While shooting Greg, he described what he remembered about the accident.  What really stood out for me was the fact that he lost about 30% of his hearing from the sound of the impact…not the impact itself, but the sound it made.  Imagine, the car hit his body with such force, that the sound, the explosion if you will, cost him a loss of hearing!  Some of the shots we did that day were done on the medium strip of the highway.  The sound of the traffic as it sped by made it almost impossible for us to communicate without shouting.  When we got back in Greg’s truck after shooting, I was still speaking really loudly to Bob and Greg, until I realized it and toned my voice down a bit.  If you take anything away from this blog, take this…when you see the orange barrels and the “Slow Down-Construction Area” signs, do what they say…slow down.

Greg...shot in the studio and stripped in


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