Natural Still Life

June 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bird's Nest


I showed you some still life images a couple of weeks ago…junk I found up in our barn.  I thought I’d post some images this week of natural still lifes.  Everything here was found on our property or in the case of the hornets nest, up in our attic.  I tried to remove the nest so I could shoot it in my studio, but it appears that some new tenants have moved in and weren’t thrilled with the idea of relocating!  I wound up shooting it in the attic and then stripping it into the background.  Everything else was shot on white seamless and then stripped into the background.  Oh yeah, the coral wasn’t  found growing on our property  :D…it’s part of my wife’s collection.  Hope you enjoy them.

Deer Antlers


Hornet's Nest


Wild Mushroom


Mud Wasp Hives




One correction on how these were shot, I shot the mushroom in my backyard.  I took some black flocked paper, put a slit in it, and slid it around the mushroom.  I lit it with a portable strobe.  I then shot it  just like the others that were shot in the studio.


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