Photoshop Potpourri

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

"The Runner"

No stories from the past, this week…are those sobs, or sighs of relief?  I was either bored or I found a surge of energy…either way, I started playing in Photoshop and came up with some new images.  A couple of weeks ago, I was driving home after meeting a designer at the local coffee shop(my favorite place to meet…someday I hope to actually get hired to shoot me meeting someone at a coffee shop…nirvana!).  Still with me?  My wife says I “ramble”, but what does she know.  So I’m driving home, and as I passed by the local high school, I noticed these workers changing the bulbs of the football stadium lights.  I parked my car, and started shooting these guys.  I waited till I got them with nothing but sky behind them, figuring I could add a background in the future.  While I was there, a former student showed up to get a workout in.  I shot some pictures of him as he ran around the track.  I already had some close-ups of the track that I shot last fall, and I also have hundreds of “sky backgrounds” in my files.  I was instantly conjuring up an image in my mind.  After I finished up the first shot, I thought of some scenics that might go with the distant shots of the runner.  I shot an image of a road leading up to Mt. McKinley back in ’74.  I thought this could work!  While looking through my files for a sky for the runner shot, I found a shot of a car carrying a kayak that passed along side of us while we were stuck in traffic heading into Chicago a couple of years ago.  Again I thought this could work with a different background.  The little bit of ground is from a beach on Cape Cod that I shot while on vacation in ’04.  So here are the final images along with most of the component parts…as always, I hope you enjoy them.



"Running To The Mountain"

"Runner 2 "

"The Road To McKinley"

"Summer Fun"

"Stuck in Chicago Traffic"


"Workers Original"

I didn’t include the skies, but I’m sure you get the idea.  Thanks again for looking!  After posting, I thought I’d play some more, so here’s a new version of the kayak shot.

"Kayak and Cape Cod"


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