For Great Images…Look Beyond The Obvious

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

"Frosted Leaves"

I love shooting nature.  That’s how I started in photography…and according to a recent blog of mine, I didn’t exactly get off to a rousing start.  I still love shooting nature, and thankfully, I’m a little bit better now.  We have a lot of woods right on our property and I go out every fall and shoot the beautiful fall foliage.  My family and I also love to visit the National Parks on our vacations.  If you’re traveling through a National Park, you’ll see “scenic overlooks” overlooking some of the more famous sites in the park.  Invariably there will be a ton of cars in the small parking area and people with their cameras crowding each area, trying to get “the shot”…the same shot you can buy on a postcard inside the visitor center.  Don’t get me wrong, I also get that same shot, but then I walk around and look for the not so obvious “great shot”.  It’s usually a tiny area, a single rock, or a tree…something that a million visitors could shoot if they would only look around.  Most of the park’s visitors take their shot, hop in their cars, and drive off to the next official “scenic overlook”.  They don’t know what they’re missing, but the good thing is there’s usually only me, my son, and maybe one or two others that stop to “look beyond the obvious”.  So, let me tell you about these shots I’m posting here.  I mentioned about all the beautiful fall foliage on our property.  One morning I went out to shoot all that color for the umpteenth time.  I happened to look down at a pile of old leaves right next to our driveway, and saw that they had a coating of frost…I hurried to get the shot since the sun had started to melt the frost…I had less than 2-3 minutes to get the shot!  We have The Cuyahoga Valley National Park about a half hour from our house.  It’s not like Yellowstone, the Tetons or Glacier, it’s a more tranquil beauty, but it does have great rock formations, natural caves, and beautiful forests.  Right next to a very popular cave where the kids were running in and out, I noticed a stump…that’s right, a single solitary stump.  I loved how it stood there totally oblivious to all the activity going on less than twenty feet away…begging to be photographed.  We have a park…part of our MetroPark system in Hinckley, Ohio.  Great for rock climbing with it’s 30-50 foot rock walls.  Right at the base of these big rock walls, I noticed how the sun and shadows played with a section of the rock wall…had to shoot it!  My last couple of images were shot in Shenandoah National Park…some of the greatest vistas you’ll find in the eastern half of the U.S.  The “mossy log” was shot on a small wheel chair accessible trail.  Finally the “mossy rocks”…I shot this one right across the road from the top “scenic overlook” in Shenandoah.  After getting the shots from the overlook, we took off.  I saw this clump of mossy rocks on the opposite side of the road and told my wife to pull over as soon as she could.  I had to walk  about 50 feet, and watch so I didn’t get hit by the cars that were flying by.  I got the shot and hurried back to our car before I got run over.  Hope you enjoy my images of the”beyond the obvious” shots, and maybe I’ll bump into some of you sometime shooting down the road from the “scenic overlooks”!

"The Stump"

"Hinckley Rock Face"

"Shenandoah Mossy Log"

"Shenandoah Mossy Rocks"



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