Happy Birthday America

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

"The Town Greeter"

One of my favorite vacation spots and one of the best places to learn about the birth of our nation is in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.  The gentleman above speaks to you as if he was still in the 1700’s.  I told him we were from Ohio, and he referred our home as that great Western Reserve wilderness area…he wondered how we were getting along in such a wild and dangerous area.  You can watch carpenters and other craftsmen build things using the same tools and techniques as they did back in that era.  Someone asked if it would be easier for the carpenters to use a certain kind of tool when making a piece of furniture.  The carpenter said it would be, but that tool hadn’t been invented back then.  You see women weaving, and cooking the same kind of meals people ate back then.  I loved hanging out at the same tavern that our founding fathers hung out at while discussing that crazy idea about breaking away from Great Britain and starting a new country…these guys were fairly young men when they were making their plans…I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was their age…”do I want to be a photographer or…uh, I know, I’ll start a new country!”  If you want a really fun way to find out about how our country was born, visit Colonial Williamsburg.

"The Carpenters"

"Keeper of the Booze"

"A Woman's Work is Never Done"

"Resting After a Hard Day of Being a Gentleman"

"The Instrument Maker"

Have a Great 4th!



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