Model Testing With Jessica

July 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

"She's Got Legs"

A few weeks ago I posted about getting back to my roots…with still life photography.  Well, I also did a lot of model testing back then.  While you’ll never mistake Cleveland for N.Y.C., Paris, or Milan, we do have a lot of great models.  A girl I shot years ago for some May Co. Department Store ads was a teen-age Angie Everhart.  She had the most beautiful red hair I’ve ever seen.  A lot of the models that I shot had that midwest, “healthy” look.  The girls were beautiful and the guys had that rugged, yet “guy next door look”.  I still like to shoot models…gives me a great way to test out various lighting techniques.  I use a PLM which is a diffused umbrella light modifier, sometimes a ringlight which has it’s own distinctive look, but usually I light my models…especially for headshots, with a light bounced into a large white foamcore V.  I put a large silk over the front for a super diffused look.  The “warm” headshot was shot with this.  This past week, I shot with Jessica, a local model who recently signed with an agency.  Talk about that “midwest beauty”, she’s got it in spades!  I shot her indoors, outdoors, close-ups of her cut-offs(a shot that I saw in a magazine back in the 80’s, and I had to do my version of it) and a ton of headshots with various lighting set-ups.  Headshots can get somewhat tedious for a model.  She sits there managing various facial expressions, but she doesn’t have a chance to get up and move around.  I usually tell funny stories and cute anecdotes and this tends to make these long sessions go a lot faster.  I must have told “Jess” my life story including every funny, amusing thing that ever happened to me.  She was great…she sat there and listened to all my stories and it wasn’t until hours later that she showed a little bit of…shall we say “restlessness”.  Because of my previous experience shooting models, I can see these telltale signs early on and bring the session to a swift conclusion…leaving both the photographer and the model with such positive energy, and a look forward to future shootings!

"My Super Duper Cut-Off Shot"

"Warm Look Shot With Large Silk"

"Shot Outdoors in the Shade"

"PLM's Made by Paul Buff Inc."

"I Think She's Starting To Lose It"

"Almost Imperceptible, But I Think We're Done"

Hey Jess, if you read this, give me a call…I’ve been trying to get in touch to set up a future shoot…talk to you later!


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