My Son the Photographer…My Inspiration!

July 18, 2011 § 6 Comments

"Johnny at Cooperstown"

Back in ’92, I made a decision to close my studio and shoot available light location photography…a big change from being a studio still life shooter.  I got sidetracked due to the failing health of my parents, since I spent so much time caring for them.  My wife got pregnant in ’93, and Johnny was born in ’94, when I officially became a “Mr. Mom”.  My photography consisted of birthday parties and vacations for the next 13 years.  When my son was 13, he asked if he could have an iPod.  We told him he would have to earn the money for it, so he washed our windows, vacuumed the carpet, dusted the furniture, and anything else he could do to earn some money.  One day while driving with him, he asked “Daddy, would you be mad if I spent my money on something else, instead of an iPod?  I asked him what, and he said  “a camera, an iPod is cool, but all you do is press a button and listen to music that other people  made…with a camera, those pictures will be something that I made”.  I said, “so with a camera, you become the artist?”  He replied “yeah!”   Outside I remained calm, but inside, I was thrilled.  I bought him the best amateur grade Nikon with a cheap “kit” lens.  I had my old film version Nikon, so we went out and shot together.  I soon became amazed at the way he had instant feedback, while I had to drop my film off at the lab and wait till the next day to see my results.  I had to keep from offering suggestions on composition, angles, etc.  I figured this was his gig, and he’ll soon learn from his mistakes.  When he showed me his work on the computer, I was stunned…proud, but stunned.  Wow, what an eye he had!  He inspired me to try and get back into commercial photography.  While I pursued my commercial career, he became the middle school, and then the high school photographer.  Last year he took a beginning photography course in school where he studied b&w film, and printing.  This coming year he will be a senior and he’s taking digital photography and video editing.  While he shoots school events, his true love in photography still remains nature photography…scenics, animals, anything but people!  I guess he shoots enough people stuff for the school.  I always secretly take shots of him while he’s shooting, a future reminder for me of all the great times we shared doing something we both love.

"Oxbow Lagoon"

"River Bend in Bentleyville Park"

"Meadow in Bentleyville Park"

"Chagrin River at Squaw Rock"

"Acadia National Park"

"Rockwall Close-up at Hinckley Park"

"Ferns...This Shot Won An Award!"

"Frog...Shenandoah National Park"

"Gull in Acadia National Park"

"No Distractions"...I'll Have To Talk To Him About This!

Please forgive a proud father…hope you enjoy his work.


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