Where’d The Summer Go?

August 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

"Not A Care In The World"

That time of year again, my son starts back to school tomorrow.  He’s going to be a senior…should be a fun, exciting year for him!  By the way, that’s not my son in the above photo…just a kid enjoying the last few days of his summer vacation.  I asked my son what he’s going to miss most about this past summer, and I got the typical teenager’s response…”nuthin”.  Me?  I’m going to miss everything, especially “time”!  I’m going to miss the time I spent this summer with my “seventeen year old kid”.  The two of us view “time” differently…he see’s plenty more in the future, while I see it as something that’s running out.  This coming week, he’s going to figure out which days he’s going to hang out with his friends, while I’m going to figure out how we’re going to pay the bills.  As we get older, we have more responsibilities, more pressing needs, more things that have to get done yesterday!  I find myself photographing flowers, but not slowing down to “smell” them.  I photograph nature, but I don’t “contemplate my existence” and how it relates to nature…oh, I just had one of those “60’s hippy moments”…wow, cool man!  So, I decided this week to make some personal changes…I’m back in the gym, I’m watching my diet, and I’m going to slow down and “look around”…hell, I may actually read a fun book instead of my usual marketing, networking, Photoshopping stuff.  I may dig out my old copy of “The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test”, or just take a walk in the park.  Before this turns into a total ramble, I’ll leave you with some images I shot of people of all ages, “slowing down”, “contemplating their existences”, and enjoying the rest of the summer.

"Relaxing on a Sunday Afternoon"

"Feel That Sun"

"Relaxing...Great For Everyone"


Until next time…relax!


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