Plants…That’s Right, Plants!

August 29, 2011 § 4 Comments


A couple of weeks ago I talked about keeping the creative juices flowing during a down time.  I showed a number of shots of my cats.  Another thing I love to do is close-ups of ordinary everyday things.  Objects take on a whole new life when you zero in on a small part of them, or by using shadows and highlights to accent certain areas…on yeah, and of course Photoshopping them!  I’ve loved studying shadows even before I became a photographer.  I remember sitting on my parents back porch waiting for my friends to pick me up and watching the setting sun create shadows and extreme texture on the bark of an old maple tree that stood about ten feet away.  When I started in commercial photography, I was shooting mainly still life, and shadows and texture were the things I always had in my shots.  Now I shoot mainly outdoors with available light, but I still try to position myself to capture the shadows and the texture on my subjects.  Of course with Photoshop, it’s possible to add a bit more.  Anyhow, I shot a number of my wife’s plants and flowers(don’t ask me what they are…just plants and flowers to me), a couple of shots of light creating the texture on some tree bark, and a fern I shot in Shenandoah National Park a couple of years ago.  Hope you enjoy these images.

"Shenandoah Fern"

"My Wife's Purple Flowers"

"My Wife's Purple Flowers Again"

"Tree Bark"

"More Tree Bark"

So don’t be afraid to move in tight on your subjects…you never know what great images await you until you do!


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