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Hall's Spire

In my career as a commercial photographer, I’ve always found it enjoyable when working with other creative people.  Sure, I’d love to be able to say that I’m this incredible genius with a camera, and my work alone would make every job I worked on an incredible success…I’d love to say that, but I can’t.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people.  They were able to take my images and put them into a design that made me proud.  They added an eye-catching title, interesting copy and of course, my images to come up with an ad that really pleased the client.  The teamwork involved made for a most enjoyable experience.  So now you’re wondering, what’s with the mountain shot?  Back in ’74, I signed up for a NOLS course.  NOLS stands for National Outdoor Leadership School.  There are NOLS courses all over the world now, but back then, most of them were in Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado.  NOLS taught you the value of teamwork, leadership and even survival.  Since then, many of out astronauts have taken a NOLS course.  You learn to bond with your “teammates”, and in some cases remain life-long friends.  If you look to the left on this page, you’ll see a list of people in the various creative fields…check out Roark Dunn if you want to see someone who has produced some extraordinary work by creating a team of super talented people.  Roark was a 15 year old kid on my course back in ’74.  Even after doing all of this wonderful work, Roark still says that the month he spent in the mountains back in ’74 was one of the greatest experiences of his life…and I echo his feelings 100%.  I can’t end this without mentioning Dave McGovern.  “Davio” as he was known to us, seemed to know at least a little about any subject, anyone brought up…but his ability as a mountain/rock climber was amazing.  He was like a human fly!  He was able to find something to hang onto, even on the sheerest of rock walls…but my most memorable thing I recall was when Davio was going to give us newbies(on our first day) a lesson on “scatology”.  He said that you could tell which animals were in the area by examining their “scat”…upon which he showed three pieces he held in his hand.  He showed us the difference between mule deer, elk, and moose scat.  We were all impressed.  He then told us that he could tell the difference between male and female…”male is tart while female is sweet” and with that he took a bite chewed it up and said “female” and walked away!  Anyhow, it’s getting near lunch time…gotta go.

"Elephant's Head"

"The Team" on Fremont Peak

Dave "Davio" McGovern

That's me in front of Fremont Peak

Hope I can be a member of your team someday!


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