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November 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

"Wooden Utensils 1"

I tried something different this time for my first shot “Wooden Utensils 1”, something pretty common for my second shot “Wooden Utensils 2”, and added an old image “Cactus” using a technique that I learned back in the 80’s from Michael O’Neill…actually the “Cactus” shot and “Wooden Utensils 1″ have something in common, but also a big difference…”Cactus” was done totally in camera(I did clean up dust etc. in PS, but all the effects were done in camera).  Lastly, I was going to include two different “behind the scenes” images, but my Photoshop crashed during the editing of the second one(God I hope it’s not serious!!).  O.K. here we go.  “Wooden Utensils 1” was pretty complicated.  I started out doing an HDR of the wooden utensils in the glass vase with just the modeling light from the front light, as shown in the behind the scenes image.  I have a black curtain that I rolled down behind the set.  Behind the black curtain is a soft backlight coming through that big silk I’ve shown you in previous posts.  When using only this backlight, you get a silhouette  of the wooden utensils.  I had a behind the scenes of this, but…PS crashed during the edit.  Anyhow, just picture the behind the scenes I do have here with the black curtain rolled up.  So I have an HDR of the wooden utensils, and I took one of the silhouette shots and merged them in Photoshop.  I then added some texture to the background using both my Topaz and OnOne PhotoTools plugins.  This took quite some time.  Now let’s move on to “Wooden Utensils 2”.  This was a straight shot using both the front light and backlight, and taking the best overall exposure into Photoshop.  The wood didn’t have the same “warmth” as the HDR image, but I was able to brush in some color using my same plugins in Photoshop.  “Wooden Utensils 1” took twice as long to complete as “Wooden Utensils 2” for me.  You can decide for yourself whether you think the extra work was worth it.  O.K., now the “Cactus”.  This was shot on 4×5 transparency.  Here’s the technique.  I have a soft front light for the cactus.  I have a soft backlight for the background.  I have a black curtain behind the cactus.  The front light has a green gel to heighten the color of the cactus.  The backlight has a golden gel over the light.  I use only the backlight and shoot a silhouette of the cactus with a golden glow.  I then drop the curtain down and shoot the cactus against black.  Here’s the important part…this is a double exposure done in camera.  Anywhere there’s black, the gold comes through.  Because it’s a double exposure, there’s no bleeding of the gold onto the green cactus.  Anyhow, sorry for the lack of behind the scenes shots this time, but hoped you enjoyed this anyhow.

"Wooden Utensils 2"


"Behind The Scenes"

I’m going to try and get outside for my next post…stay tuned!


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