Light Painting and a Little Extra

April 2, 2012 § 4 Comments

"Flip Flops"

"Block & Tackle"

Once again I’ve been playing around with light painting.  I bought a brand new flashlight for $8.  It’s a stylus type light made by Streamlight.  It looks like a ball point pen, only about 2″ longer.  It has a small clip-on attachment so you can narrow the beam of light…no more cardboard and tape for this guy!   Again, with light painting you just swish the light around the subject, never letting it sit on any one area, or you’ll get a very distinct hot-spot.  Also this week, I used a brand new tool from OnOne Software.  I have a link to them in a previous blog.  This plug-in by the name of “Perfect Effects” has a lot more tools, and some different ones than my old standby, OnOne’s “PhotoTools”.  I used some of the monochromatic tools for these two shots.  I just experiment with the tools and the blending, until I’m happy with what I have.  Hope you enjoy these.

I’m working on a couple of light painted images that I’ll show next time…these will have a lot more color.


§ 4 Responses to Light Painting and a Little Extra

  • Nice… I just wrote about using flash lights on my blog so this caught my eyes 🙂 Love the block & tackle!!

  • Janice, thanks! Your work is great, I love the flower images!

  • Stu Elwing says:

    The soft light looks fantastic! I have been using Photo Effects since its release. The only problem I seem to have with it is that when I hover over one of the effects for a thumbnail preview, they always show up at the default 100% strength. So I spend a lot of time playing with the plug-in to get the effect I want–right strength, blend mode, “Apply to (Highlights, Midtones, Shadows, etc.) settings.
    Thank you for posting these–your work is always such an inspiration to me …

  • Stu, thanks! I just got Perfect Effects 3 the day before I did these shots, so I’m no expert on the program. I’m not sure if they made changes from when you got your program. OnOne has a series of free tutorials on their site…maybe you’ll find some more info there.

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