Celebrating Color…and Composites

April 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

"Kayak Composite"

When I first got interested in commercial photography, I was blown away by the images of Pete Turner.  I had dreams of going to New York and becoming his assistant.  The closest I came was studying at a workshop in Maine with one of Turner’s former assistants.  There was a phrase back then…”Pete Turner U”…as in university since so many of Turner’s assistants went on to become successful commercial photographers in their own right after learning from the master.  Pete Turner did things “pre-Photoshop” that are amazing even by today’s standards, where Photoshop enables photographers to do amazing things.  According to some articles and interviews of Pete back then, I learned that he used things such as a Sytech(not sure of the spelling) computer/machine, which cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars, which I could never afford, to a Bowens Illumitron slide duplicator which was easily within my reach financially.  I bought the Illumitron and proceeded to make composite slides by sandwiching two existing transparencies, and copying them onto a fresh roll of Kodachrome film.  Today the technique of compositing is so much easier with Photoshop.   My first image of the kayaks is a composite of a group of kayaks on a grassy shore that I shot locally last August, with a sky image that I shot in Wyoming back in the 90’s.  The second image is of a window washer on a gray dreary day that I shot back in the 80’s.  I sandwiched that image with a close-up of a sunset that I shot also back in the 80’s, and used the Illumitron to create the image you see here.  The third image is a sandwich of a plane on cloudless blue sky day.  I combined it on the Illumitron with a cloudy blue sky day.  The density of the blue, by combining these two images, is greatly exaggerated, and makes for a very dramatic sky.  I do admit that I use Photoshop to some degree with every image I create, so some of the color intensity comes from Photoshop and a couple of plug-ins.  I’ve named them numerous times in previous blogs, so I won’t get into that here.  There are a couple of photographers that I would love to meet someday, and Pete Turner is at the very top of my list.  Let me leave you with a link to his website so you can see his amazing work! http://peteturner.com

"Original Kayak Image"

"Window Washer" Illumitron Composite Image

"Airplane & Storm Clouds" Illumitron Composite

I hope you enjoyed this bit of nostalgia.  I have a couple more light painting images I’ll show next time…unless you’re all getting sick of them!


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