Shooting For Fun…Again

May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Catching Something”

Yesterday was beautiful…temperature in the 70’s and “wall-to-wall” sunshine.  I was about to spend the day cleaning my studio, but when my son announced he was going to one of the local parks, I grabbed my camera and went with him.  Hard decision…cleaning a winter’s worth of junk, or shooting stuff for the fun of it…what to do, what to do?  If you’ve been following this blog lately you know I’ve been doing a lot of studio stuff here lately…light painting, soft light, still life, etc.  All of it geared toward my commercial work.  Anyhow, I went with my son and had a blast.  I was watching some kids trying to catch stuff…fish, frogs, snakes, and a lot of seaweed…o.k. they weren’t really trying to catch the seaweed, but that’s what they kept coming up with!  These kids presented so many great images.  I could have stood there all day shooting them…until I turned around and saw a family of geese.  It seemed like these geese were professional models.  Every time I thought I had a great shot, they did something even better.  Not only was I able to relax and have fun with my camera, but I spent some real quality time with my son.  I was starting to get really burned out lately dealing with the business aspects of photography, but a day like this really is the perfect medicine…now back to estimates, licensing, copyrights and all the other things we have to deal with…my batteries are fully charged!

“Where The Heck Did That Frog Go?”

“Mom and the Babies”

I do have a couple of light painting images to show…maybe next time.


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