Urban Beauty…With An Assist From Photoshop

July 11, 2012 § 3 Comments


I went out recently with my son to shoot some pictures.  You may remember in a recent blog about my son’s work where I mentioned that he likes to shoot scenics.  His definition of scenics is “all natural”…no people or man made structures will be found anywhere in his images.  I started out this way, but I soon learned that people can add dimension and maybe a bit more interest in the scene.  Don’t get me wrong, I make sure I get a “people free” version of every scenic I shoot.  I’ve always been interested in buildings and man-made structures such as bridges.  In this most recent shoot, there were these transformers and power lines running right through a section of one of the metro parks here.  While my son was shooting the trees and plants, I became fascinated with the shapes and detail of these man made objects.  I should mention that once I uploaded my images into my computer, I realized these things were pretty damn ugly!!  Enter Photoshop.  By combining some interesting skies from my image library and doing a few things in Photoshop with the color and exposure, I think I made them a bit more interesting…hope you agree!

“Original Transformer Image”

“Power Lines”

“Original Power Lines Image”

Next Time I’ll be back in the studio shooting still life stuff…stay tuned!


§ 3 Responses to Urban Beauty…With An Assist From Photoshop

  • […] images of some fairly stark power lines more interesting (you can see the images on his blog here: Jon’s Blog) and in fact they are really great looking images. However I think I found an easier way; just add […]

  • Sorry, You feel it’s fake Why don’t tryk to find a better composition so you don’t need photoshop. And please be a bit modest with saturation…

  • Jon DeVaul says:

    Gijsbert, when I shoot, the last thing I’m thinking about is whether the majority of viewers will like or approve my image. You’d probably tell Dali and Picasso that their stuff is too weird and they should paint more like Rembrandt. I’m sorry, but when I go to your “website” to view your work, all I see are “GoDaddy” adds!

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