Cleveland…”What’s Not To Like”!

August 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

“Public Square”

As a commercial photographer, I’m always looking for new exciting things or places to shoot.  Sometimes you have to be reminded of what’s literally in “your own back yard”.  I’ve shot certain events such as the annual air show, specific happenings such as the removal of an “offending” banner(inside joke), and an occasional sporting event.  Something happened last week that made me want to go and just walk around Cleveland and shoot pictures.  There was a discussion on the internet about the new Medical Mart being built and how it just signed up it’s first convention for next summer.  Most of the posters were excited about the future of downtown Cleveland, but one person just complained about how Orlando among other cities puts us to shame when it comes to drawing conventions.  Listen, so we don’t have Disney World, big deal!  We do have great weather…well at least six months out of the year.  We have great winning sports teams…ahh, well just wait till next year.  O.K. I admit there is room for improvement…but that’s exactly what’s happening.  We have a new casino, we’re building a new Medical Mart, a new Convention Center is in the offing…win or lose, we do have professional sports teams…damn, we have Cleveland!  If we could just do something about winter…I live in the snow-belt and I hate snow!   O.K. I’m getting off my soapbox.  So last Sunday I went downtown with my wife and son to just walk around and shoot pictures.  Sunday happened to be the day Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney were appearing at Browns Stadium for a concert…damn, I never saw so many women in their “Daisy Dukes”, cowboy boots and cowboy hats!  It was tough concentrating on Cleveland, but I’m a professional, and I was on a mission!  Anyhow, Here are some images I captured last Sunday along with a couple from a previous air show and  the infamous “banner removal shot” from a couple of years ago!

“More Public Square”

“Rock and Roll HOF”

“The Glass Building”

“Free Stamp”

“Cleveland Annual Air Show”

“Cleveland Annual Air Show”

“Bye-Bye Lebron”

“Tower City Center”

For all you non-Clevelanders reading this, I hope you enjoy the pictures.  For all of you Clevelanders, I hope you enjoyed this little trip through downtown, and I hope you all take advantage of all Cleveland has to offer!










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