Another Photo Safari…Expanding my Reach

August 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

“Kids Playing at Squires Castle”

My last post was about shooting in my hometown of downtown Cleveland.  I wanted to “capture” Cleveland, but not in the typical “travel brochure” way.  I was so energized by my self-project, that I decided to expand out geographically a bit.  So just this past Aug. 6th and 7th, my son and I decided to see what we could find.  On the 6th, we decided to head for Squire’s Castle.  Squire’s Castle is a shell of a building that was built in the 1800’s on over 500 acres of land purchased by one of the founders of Standard Oil…a man by the name of Squire.  The castle was supposed to be the gatekeeper’s house.  Mr. Squire’s wife died, and he decided to sell off the land instead of continuing to build.  The Cleveland Metropark system bought this parcel and continues to maintain it as parkland.  Anyhow, most images of Squire’s Castle show the front view of the whole castle.  I’ve photographed it myself many times, but just as I did with my images of Cleveland, I wanted a different perspective.  I was lucky, there were a number of kids playing, so all I did was compose my shot, check the lighting…which was pretty dark, and wait till the kids ran into the shot.  The hard part was since my exposures were a bit long, I had to wait for that split second when the kids came to a stop.  Believe me, I had to be ready to shoot the instant they stopped running!

On our second day…the 7th, we headed south to “Amish country”…Burton and Middlefield, Ohio, but before we went, we had to stop at a neighbor’s house so my son could put out some deer feed.  My son has been helping this 84 year old lady for years now, and feeding the deer is of utmost importance to her.  Anyhow, while I was waiting in the car, I noticed my arm in the side mirror, so I took a picture of it…I know, but I’ve never claimed to be normal!  So now we’re off heading down to Amish country.  Now I know that the Amish don’t like to have their pictures taken, and I would never shove my camera in their face, or anyone else’s face for that matter…I try to be discreet!  We’re driving down the road, and I see a kid with his wagon.  I told my son to slow down, and I shot the kid riding his wagon right through the windshield.  We headed up the road, and I saw a buggy sitting in the yard of a local restaurant.  I got out and shot it, but I noticed some metallic tanks across the street, so I shot them.  Of course I use Photoshop when editing my images.  I love to add some color, mood, etc., and let’s face it, an image of my arm as is, is not exactly an awe inspiring shot!  Anyhow, I guess what I’m trying to say again is that you don’t have to go off to some exotic place to get some good images.  You don’t have to look very hard to find something of interest…as a matter of fact, your subject could literally be “an arm’s length away”!

“Little Girl at Squire’s Castle”

“My Infamous Arm”

“Amish Boy and His Wagon”

“Amish Buggy”

“Metal Industrial Tanks”

Hope you enjoyed my latest “photo safari”







§ One Response to Another Photo Safari…Expanding my Reach

  • Chris says:

    This post was particularly interesting because of the dynamics between children playing and the orton effect that is visible among the bricks, stones, and, metal.

    Looking forward to the next blog.


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