Be Prepared!

September 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Kent State Helpers”

“Be Prepared”…sounds like I’m blogging about the Boy Scouts!  That same phrase is also very important to photographers.  Some of the greatest early editorial photographers such as Henri Cartier Brisson and Elliot Erwitt, right up to some of my favorite location/advertising photographers such as Jay Maisel and Pete Turner had one thing in common…they never went anywhere without a camera.  They were always ready for whatever presented itself to them, and consequently, they’ve taken some of the most iconic images of all time.  I have to admit that I leave home many times sans camera, but recently I decided to take mine along when we helped my son move to college.  His school is only about 45 minutes away, but our car was “packed to the gills” with his stuff.  When he saw me carrying my camera bag, he said “you’re not taking that are you?”…”we don’t have enough room!”.  I said “I’ll carry it on my lap if I have to”.  So we made it to the campus and after we moved him in, while my wife and son tended to sign-ins etc., I got out my camera and started to shoot…everything from buildings to sorority girls “chalking” the sidewalks for “Greek Week” to other people milling around campus with their “new freshmen kids”.  Not only were there many “photo ops”, but so many of the kids, especially the groups of helpers in their blue t-shirts, would yell out “hey take our picture too”.  If I hadn’t done what so many of the great photographers like Brisson, Erwitt, Maisel, and Turner had always done, I would have missed some great shots and kicked myself for blowing what turned out to be a great day.  Maybe none of these will wind up as iconic images, but they’ll always have a place in my heart representing the day my kid went off to college!

“Getting the Sidewalk Ready For Greek Week”

“One Of My Son’s New Neighbors At His Dorm…Verder Hall”

“Verder Hall”

“The Student Center”

“The Kent State Commons”

Hope you liked this personal journey of mine.  Let me leave you with this…to paraphrase…”Your Camera, Don’t Leave Home Without It!






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