Back In The Studio…More Lightpainting

September 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

“My Wife’s Old Saddle”

My last few blogs have featured available light location images ranging from electrical transformers to college kids.  I love the challenge of going out and not knowing what you may find.  You may be dependent on the weather, accessibility to certain locations, crowds, and a whole lot more things that you have no or very limited control over…but that’s also what makes that kind of photography exciting!  I’ve blogged before about how I started my commercial career as a still life photographer, so I won’t rehash that subject here.  Suffice it to say that for me, shooting in a studio is kinda like “going home again”.  There’s something about having total control over the lights, composition, props and weather that gives me a “warm fuzzy feeling”.  I grew up in this business shooting still life images with that soft Rembrandt style lighting, and I’ll love that style till my dying day.  A new (for me) style of lighting is light painting with a small flashlight.  It’s fun, simple to do, and the results are always somewhat surprising.  I still try and give my images that soft Rembrandt lighting by aiming my flashlight from the back to the front and then filling from the front.  I’m never 100% sure what I’ll get, but after a couple of tries, I’m always pretty close.  Of course with Photoshop, I can tweek the final image in post-processing.  My studio is a small remodeled part of our old barn.  I’ve set up walls and surfaces so they’re ready to go when I’m ready to shoot.  I grabbed an old barn door that my wife was ready to burn and nailed it up as a permanent part of my wall…it’s the background for the saddle shot.  The barbell plate surface is the seat from my old broken office chair (studio still life shooters save everything since everything is a potential prop), and the globe was shot on one of those painted portrait backgrounds.  As always, I hope you enjoy the images!

“My Workout Gear”

“My Wife’s Antique Globe”

Hope you enjoyed my “studio homecoming”…for all I know I’ll be back out in the world next time!




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