More Before & After With Photoshop

January 7, 2013 § 2 Comments

"Cleveland Museum of Art"

“Cleveland Museum of Art”

My last blog was in response to a number of discussions that were going on about “Photography vs Photoshop” as if it was a battle between “Batman vs The Joker”.  I posted about how Photoshop was a tool to be used..yada yada yada!  Anyhow, to my pleasant surprise, I got a number of responses both on the blog and in my Linkedin group discussions…none of which were negative when it came to Photoshop.  It seems like I was “preaching to the choir”.  Anyhow, this blog will not be so “preachy”…if that’s an actual word!  I got a number of emails asking if I could show some more examples of how I use Photoshop, so at the risk of boring some of you, I’d like to take the liberty of showing a few more examples covering everything from very simple to not so simple…I’ll leave the really difficult stuff to the real experts, who leave me in awe when I see their stuff.  Anyhow, here are the images/explanations for this blog.  I’ll start off with My Cleveland Museum of Art image.  This was an HDR shot, so the raw image is actually my middle bracket.  By blending the brackets, you will pick up some density in the colors as well as the exposures.  I then added more color in OnOne’s Perfect Effects, added some texture in Topaz Adjust, and corrected the converging verticals in CS6.  My next example is a pine tree in my yard which I “light painted” from our patio…not a great example of “light painting”, but I didn’t want to get my feet wet!!  Anyhow, I took a dull image and added some vibrance to it with “Perfect Effects” and a bit of texture with “Adjust”.  “Adjust” also brought out those more subtle trees surrounding the main tree.  The next image, “S. Chagrin Tree” shows that adding a bit of color and texture can change a simple “o.k. image” to a beautiful image…again with my two stand-by plugins, “Perfect Effects” and “Adjust”.  My next one also is quite simple, but the effect is really great…my forks.  I shot these forks back when I was in school in the late ’70’s…4×5  Plus-X(b&w).  I added a gold tone in “Perfect Effects”, and gave my old image a brand new look!  Next, up in our barn, we have the most ugly old car engine sitting there.  Rusty, dull, really crappy surroundings, and did I mention ugly!  So I added a bit of color(“Perfect Effects”) and texture(“Adjust”), and stripped out the background in CS6 using the “Quick Selection” tool, changing a dull ugly image to a more interesting one.  Next was a shot of my son getting out of a pool while we were on vacation.  It was really comical how he was shivering(comical for me not him).  I used CS6 to copy the goggle on the left, move it to the right, and flip it so both sides matched.  I then added some color and texture with “Perfect Effects” and “Adjust”…a bit more than normal to add to the comical look.  On to my last two.  A couple of years ago, I did a grab shot of my son in a restaurant.  I wanted to get some of the surrounding area in, but this was just a vacation shot…nothing special.  I did notice the lady at the next table with the giant burger, but I didn’t want to point my camera at her while she was eating, so by using a wide angle lens, I was able to get her in the shot.  Using “Perfect Effects” for color, “Adjust” for texture, and some cropping in CS6, I was able to create a totally different take on the image.  Now for the last one.  Years ago, I was shooting some still life shots for my portfolio.  I asked my wife to be a hand model and stir a drink.  I did what I thought at the time was a decent shot, but the wrinkles on her hand and the bad nail polish job(sorry honey) always bothered me.  I decided to clear up the imperfections, and add some really punchy color to the final image.  I softened the wrinkles in her hand and painted her nails(CS6), added texture and punch to the lemon and ice(“Adjust”), and really punched up the colors in “Perfect Effects”.  Here goes the before and afters…enjoy!

"Cleveland Museum of Art"...Raw

“Cleveland Museum of Art”…Raw

"Backyard Pine Tree"

“Backyard Pine Tree”

"Backyard Pine Tree"...Raw

“Backyard Pine Tree”…Raw

"S. Chagrin Tree"

“S. Chagrin Tree”

"S. Chagrin Tree"...Raw

“S. Chagrin Tree”…Raw





"Old Car Engine"

“Old Car Engine”

"Old Car Engine"...Raw

“Old Car Engine”…Raw

"Johnny Shivering"

“Johnny Shivering”

"Johnny Shivering"...Raw

“Johnny Shivering”…Raw

"Lady and Her Burger"

“Lady and Her Burger”

"Lady and Her Burger"...Raw

“Lady and Her Burger”…Raw

"Stirring the Drink"...Raw

“Stirring the Drink”…Raw

"Stirring the Drink"

“Stirring the Drink”

Any questions?  Feel free to ask away!
















§ 2 Responses to More Before & After With Photoshop

  • Colette says:

    Loved your blog above – looks like I should try adding some plug-ins – I love playing around with effects too.

  • Jon DeVaul says:

    Colette, try some. Topaz is pretty cheap. I love OnOne’s Perfect Effects. I don’t use Nik, but I’ve heard great things about them! Thanks for the nice comments!

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