Shooting The Car Show…Before & After

January 28, 2013 § 4 Comments



A couple of weeks ago I was checking out a photographer’s website when I noticed one of his galleries was entitled N.Y. Car Show.  This photographer was an editorial photographer and his car show shots were definitely editorial in style.  I thought back to the one and only car show that I was hired to shoot.  Actually I was hired to shoot a simple jpeg for a local dealership to record their involvement at the show.  No fancy advertising shoot, this was basically a snapshot for their internal records…I never saw exactly how it appeared.  After fulfilling my assignment, I thought I’d walk around and just shoot for fun.  I captured a number of interesting images.  After examining the images, I realized that all of the cars were loaded with specular highlights from the million overhead spotlights…o.k. maybe not a million, but enough to really drive me crazy.  I did play around with a couple of these shots and they did appear in a previous blog entitled “Heavy Metal”, but for the most part the images were just filed away and forgotten.  Anyhow, after seeing these images on the editorial photographer’s site(and they were really great), I thought I’d dig through my files and pick a few of mine and see what I could do in post processing.  As I’ve done lately, I’ve included the initial raw images so you can see the changes that were made.  I got rid of the specular highlights, changed some backgrounds, added or even changed some colors, and even added additional highlights in a few areas.  Hope you enjoy them.

"Solsist Raw"

“Solstice Raw”



"Jeep Raw"

“Jeep Raw”

"Mustang & Girl"

“Mustang & Girl”

"Mustang & Girl Raw"

“Mustang & Girl Raw”



"Mustang Raw"

“Mustang Raw”



"Bikes Raw"

“Bikes Raw”

"Ford Robot Raw"

“Ford Robot Raw”

"Ford Robot"

“Ford Robot”

Hope you enjoyed this one!


§ 4 Responses to Shooting The Car Show…Before & After

  • mcoffey says:

    hi these look great, I think on some you could keep some of the highlights not get rid of all of them. Especially on the Mustang. Car shows are awesome photo ops, close ups of some of the images bouncing off all that chrome gives some very unusual looks. Love that you took the time to pull out and revisit them!

    • Hey thanks! I like the close-up shot of the Mustang as is…kinda like I light a still life. The Mustang shot with the girl sometimes looks to me like it could be better with some “punch”

  • I absolutely love the close up of the mustang. What technique did you use to create that look, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m a portrait photographer, but I’m trying to get more advanced into photoshop, and step away from portraits. Amazing work you do!

    • Chantal, I used PS to get rid of the specular highlights, and Perfect Effects(OnOne), Topaz to bring out some detail in the rims etc. I finished with a softening effect called “The Orton Effect”.

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