Light Painting…A New Look For Ordinary Everyday Objects!

March 5, 2013 § 6 Comments

"Ann's Birthday Flowers"

“Ann’s Birthday Flowers”

Wow, it’s been a month since my last post…sorry about that!  I kinda got into a “winter blues mental funk”.  Anyhow, it’s March, the sun’s out and Spring is on it’s way…just a couple more snowstorms to go!  A couple of weeks ago, I watched a video tutorial by Tim Wallace.  Mr. Wallace shoots different things, but is far and away know for his car photography.  His images of cars look more like fine art than your typical car ad.  His close-ups of things like wheels and rims are astounding!  It got me to thinking about how dramatic lighting and maybe coming in closer to a subject or shooting from a different angle etc. could make for an interesting image of an ordinary looking object that we walk by everyday.  I decided to try some light painting on a few things around our house.  One night after everyone was sound asleep, I grabbed my tripod and went down to our kitchen, looked around and saw some things that, with my new “semi-winter blues mental funk” attitude,(thanks to Tim Wallace) took on a whole new look.  I was back!…well not quite…since these images stayed on that memory card for another week…until I watched a week’s worth of live tutorials on CreativeLive called “Photoshop Week”.  For those of you not familiar with CreativeLive, it’s a company out in Seattle that has live tutorials featuring an expert in whatever subject they’re featuring.  It started out a few years ago with mainly photography, but now does a ton of stuff on photoshop, and even more recently, on business techniques for the small business person.  They used to have around one 3-day tutorial a month, but now it seems like there’s something new every few days.  I’ll leave some links to Tim Wallace and Creativelive at the end of this.  Anyhow, “Photoshop Week” pretty much got me out of my “winter blues mental funk” and I decided to shoot one more shot of something I look at everyday…my computer, and then process all of these recent images.  I guess one of the lessons that I learned, and hopefully can pass on if you find yourself in that same situation, is to change things up, look at things a bit differently, try that lens that usually stays in your camera bag and gets the least amount of use, shoot subjects that you don’t ever shoot…whatever it takes to stir up those creative juices that we have inside of each and everyone of us…those feelings that made us want to get into photography in the first place!  O.K. I’ll stop pontificating and show you what I did.

"Kitchen Utensils"

“Kitchen Utensils”

"Onions & Rack"

“Onions & Rack”

"Behind the Scenes of Flowers"

“Behind the Scenes of Flowers”

"Behind the Scenes of Onions & Utensils"

“Behind the Scenes of Onions & Utensils”

"Behind the Scenes of my Workspace"

“Behind the Scenes of my Workspace”

"My Workspace"

“My Workspace”

I decided to add the links on the left hand side of my blog with the others listed there.


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