Creating a Mood…After The Shoot’s Over

March 18, 2013 § 2 Comments

"Zeus On The Dock"

“Zeus On The Dock”

Recently in one of my Linkedin groups, a photography student mentioned that her instructor said that she is lighting for the subject, but not lighting for the mood.  Commercial photographers understand that the most important thing in creating a mood is the lighting.  Sure, props, clothing, and styling can help, but how we light something is the most important element in how we create a mood…any mood.  In the studio, we can have total control over the light and thus have total control over the mood.  We position the lights, ratio them, add any number of light modifiers, and finally add gels and filters to get the look and “feel” that we want.  The possibilities seem endless.  Outdoors, it’s a little more difficult, but we can also do a lot to create a certain mood.  Obviously, the time of day we shoot something can greatly add to the mood of the shot, but when trying to get an assignment done, many times the pro simply doesn’t have the luxury of waiting.  This is usually solved by adding filters to the lens, using portable lights and mixing natural light with strobe, and even adding a gel to the portable light to tweek the results.  Now in the digital age we have programs such as Photoshop to help us create something in post processing that wasn’t there to begin with.  I started looking through my files to see what I could come up with and I hit on three candidates.  First my dog Zeus…a once magnificent animal is now 11 years old.  He went totally deaf just these last few months and he’s developing cataracts.  His hips bother him, which is pretty common for these large dogs once they get up there in age, so he takes the steps really slowly now…he’s pretty much like me with my bad knees!  My next thought was the approach of the new baseball season.  I love baseball, and I especially love the history of baseball.  I’ve collected baseball memorabilia for many years now, and you can see some of it in various images on my website.  Every Memorial Day weekend, we have baseball re-inactors from the area who play just as if it’s 1840…same uniforms, old time rules, and no gloves!  What a great subject to impart a moody feel to.  While looking at the baseball shots, I saw an image of our local high school marching band marching in a past Memorial Day parade.  The shot is a bit underexposed, but I thought that could actually help in creating a nostalgic feel or mood to the final image.  So using multiple images to create “Zeus On The Dock”, and using a couple of different programs to change the tone and “age” of the image I came up with these three final images…hope you enjoy them!

"Zeus In The Backyard"

“Zeus In The Backyard”

"A Boat Ramp In Wisc. Before I Stretched it Out"

“A Boat Ramp In Wisc. Before I Stretched it Out”

"A Few Waves"

“A Few Waves”

"An Old Time Baseball Game...With Mood"

“An Old Time Baseball Game…With Mood”

"An Old Time Baseball Game...Original"

“An Old Time Baseball Game…Original”

"Chagrin Falls Marching Band...Original"

“Chagrin Falls Marching Band…Original”

"Chagrin Falls Marching Band...With A Bit Of Nostalgia Added"

“Chagrin Falls Marching Band…With A Bit Of Nostalgia Added”

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