Play Ball!

April 2, 2013 § 6 Comments



The 2013 baseball season is officially underway…my Cleveland Indians start tomorrow in their quest for a World Series title!  O.K. maybe not this year, but they’re going to be better than last year…a lot better!  I’ve loved baseball since my father taught me how to play waaaay back in the ’50’s.  He played baseball back in the ’30’s, and through him I also gained an appreciation of the history of baseball.  So many tales of superstars of bygone eras…Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle.  I could do a whole blog of just the names of these players.  As I got older, my interest in the history of baseball grew to where I also collected baseball memorabilia…old gloves, bats, pennants, cards…some of the same cards that I bought for a nickel a pack, now cost me many dollars each.  At the same time I was nurturing this love of baseball, I was also falling in love with photography.  I never got into sports photography, but I did photograph my son’s little league games.  There’s a special talent that the great sports photographers have, mainly the ability to capture the “decisive moment”(a phrase made famous by Henri Cartier Bresson, who while not a sports photographer was one of the greatest photojournalists of all time).  One of my favorite baseball photographers was Charles M. Conlon who photographed baseball games and players from 1904 to 1942.  If you want to see an amazing collection of baseball photographs, check out the book “Baseball’s Golden Age…The Photographs of  Charles M. Conlon”.  We’re talking about a guy who was out on the field using a view camera and glass negatives…not a digital camera and a memory card!  Anyhow, every Memorial Day weekend, a couple of teams who dress up like it’s 1845, and play by the rules of that era, and even talk like the players did back then, play on the local high school field.  I love photographing them, but usually the background is cluttered with modern buildings, people sitting in lawn chairs, and cars in the parking lot.  With Photoshop, I’m not only able to remove the offending objects, but I can even add an old world feel by making the images into a monotoned image.  I included the before pictures just like they were shot so you can see the “evolution” from now back to the 1800’s.  Now I need to run out and buy some peanuts, popcorn and Cracker Jack for tomorrow’s game…hope you enjoy this one and GO TRIBE!

"Gone Again"

“Gone Again”





"Choose Your Weapon"

“Choose Your Weapon”

"Choose Your Weapons...Original"

“Choose Your Weapons…Original”

"The Duel"

“The Duel”

"The Duel...Original"

“The Duel…Original”

"Dueling One More Time"

“Dueling One More Time”

"Dueling, One More Time...Original"

“Dueling, One More Time…Original”

"Teammates Original"

“Teammates Original”



I’d like to finish with a shout-out to an amazing Photoshop artist…Dennis Dunbar.  I’m guessing you’ve seen some of Dennis’s work…if you’ve ever been to a movie theater.  Those posters that adorn the lobbies of movie theaters worldwide…many are the work of Dennis Dunbar.  You can check out his website by looking to the left of this post, and clicking on his name…but don’t stop there…when you’re done looking at his site, check out his blog.  His most recent blog shows what he did for a Boeing campaign.  Dennis’s work always amazes me, but not only that, he’s helped me out numerous times when I had a question…check him out and see how many of those images you recognize!















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