Building A Photograph…One More Time

May 6, 2013 § 11 Comments

"Robbie Gazing out At Rockport Harbor"

“Robbie Gazing out At Rockport Harbor”

I’ve been busy lately shooting some jobs, and also doing model comp work for models and actresses.  Robbie, a local actress, contacted me recently so we could do some images for her portfolio.  We started out doing some headshots with studio lighting.  I noticed some nice light coming in from my window, so I suggested we do some natural light portraits.  I wanted to check out the light, so I asked Robbie to sit in while I did a couple of test shots.  This was the very first shot, and while it made for a nice moody look, the outdoor area was pretty much lost.  I added some fill, and adjusted for the outdoor sky, and then shot a number of shots Robbie could use for her book…this wasn’t one of them.  While this wasn’t good for her, I thought the way her glasses stood out against the washed out background was interesting.  I decided to see if I could make something interesting out of a simple lighting test shot.  I added a simple piece of wood for the window sill, and “stretched out” the image in Photoshop.  I stripped out Robbie, found an image from a trip I took to Maine a few years back, added an image of window panes and curtains to the Maine image, softened the focus a tiny bit, and finally added Robbie to the new background.  I used OnOne’s Perfect Effects to bring out some nice color, and then used Topaz’s Adjust to add some texture.  Not the greatest image I’ve ever done, but a nice “save” of a “throw-away” test shot.

"Robbie With Original View"

“Robbie With Original View”

"Windows & Curtains"

“Windows & Curtains”

"Rockport, Maine Harbor"

“Rockport, Maine Harbor”

Just a short blog this time, but I hope you enjoyed it!





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