School Daze!

May 13, 2013 § 2 Comments

"Heading To Class"

“Heading To Class”

This past Thursday was the final day of my son’s freshman year at Kent St.  He did great in all of his classes…o.k. we won’t talk about math here, but I blame myself for that…kinda like one of those genetic things I guess!  Anyhow, I was down there for his “freshman sign-in day”, shot and blogged about that last fall, and I figured I’d shoot and blog about his final day too.  Actually, I was able to go down to Kent at least one day a week for most of the year…usually Friday morning.  It was a great time for me.  My son would drive us down, we’d park in the stadium lot(where freshmen had to park) and take the bus to the Student Center.  We’d grab breakfast, and then my son would head off to class.  While he was in class, I’d “hang out” at the Student Center reading the paper, reading my Photoshop books, or walking around campus.  After his classes were over, we’d eat lunch at a campus restaurant.  I would always come home totally energized  after spending the day with these kids.  Let me tell you, after spending the week dealing with the “business of art”, and all that entails such as estimating, bidding, copyright, bills, and waiting for the phone to ring, being around these kids with all of their positive energy, how they just know that when they get out of school, they’re going to knock the world on it’s ass, well it had a very positive effect on me.  I couldn’t wait to get back and “create”!  So Thursday I took my camera with me and walked around campus shooting everything I did on my weekly visits.  I shot Steve, the guy that made my Friday morning omelette.  I shot the buildings I passed when I took my walks, I shot the Student Center, but by far, my favorite thing to shoot were the students, as they walked to class.  One of my favorite viewpoints was right in front of The Mac Center…the building that serves as a backdrop for these outdoor images.  All sorts of people pass by, some walking, some jogging, some on skate boards, and some riding their bikes.  Anyhow, let’s talk about these shots.  The first one is a composite of several different shots, combined to form one image.  The second one is also a composite of different people shots, combined with two different versions of sky from my files.  Also, you’ll notice that I took creative license with the roof of the building by removing the black roof.  That’s something I wouldn’t do if shooting for a client, but for my own vision, it had to go.  The final shot is a girl walking down a spiral staircase into what is a perfect “pool” of available light.  I did remove the floor mats, door and wall and just extended the pretty blue floor into infinity…again, not an exact recreation of the scene, but my creative vision.  I included all the composite images except for the sky images…with them, what you see is what you get.  I did include both versions…I’m curious, which sky works for you?  So on to the images!

"Main Subject in 1st Image"

“Main Subject in 1st Image”

"Couple in 1st Image"

“Couple in 1st Image”

"Older Gentleman in 1st Image"

“Older Gentleman in 1st Image”

"The Mac Center With Blue Sky"

“The Mac Center With Blue Sky”

"Mac Center With Pink Sky"

“Mac Center With Pink Sky”

"Main Subject in 2nd & 3rd Images"

“Main Subject in 2nd & 3rd Images”

"Secondary Subjects in 2nd & 3rd Images"

“Secondary Subjects in 2nd & 3rd Images”

"Girl On Staircase...Original"

“Girl On Staircase…Original”

"Girl On Staircase...Final"

“Girl On Staircase…Final”

That’s it this time, but remember…”STAY IN SCHOOL”!…or at least visit from time to time.











§ 2 Responses to School Daze!

  • Cyndi says:

    Jon, completely agree with you about the vibrancy of university campuses. I lived next to the University of Sydney for 20 years and spent many hours strolling through its beautiful campus, soaking up the vibe and imagining I was younger than I really am…

  • Jon DeVaul says:

    Cyndi, you’re so right…it really does rub off. I suppose I could think “wait till they get into the real world…won’t they be surprised”, but the opposite is true…their energy seems to make all of my problems go away!

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