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"Marine At Arlington"

“Marine At Arlington”

Just a reminder with all the picnics and parties going on what this weekend really means.  The first shot was a Marine standing guard at “The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier”.  I shot this years ago and made a composite with a shot of a flag I have in my files.  The second image is one of a “greeter” at Colonial Williamsburg.  When listening to a guide describing how a group of young men decided to break away from their own country to form a new country, realizing the trials and hardships, including war, this decision would bring.  We’ve fought many wars since, some not too popular to say the least, but we should never forget that so many young Americans sacrificed their time and even their lives for that cause, no matter what their personal beliefs were.  Lastly, on a personal front, my father’s birthday in on Memorial Day…May 30th.  We always joked that they threw a parade for him(he did serve in the Pacific during WWII).  He would have been 99 this weekend, but passed away in ’97.  Anyhow, here’s hoping all of you have a great and happy holiday!

"Greeter At Colonial Williamsburg"

“Greeter At Colonial Williamsburg”


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