Do You Experiment?

June 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

"Blossom Ride Final"

“Blossom Ride Final”

I recently bought a couple of new Photoshop Plug-ins by Topaz.  I watched a couple of tutorials featuring these plug-ins and decided to purchase them and play around.  Although I use Photoshop extensively, I usually lean towards a more rich saturated color, but real look.  Some photographers normally have a more muted look when it comes to color, but I’ve always loved the rich earthy colors, whether on location or in the studio shooting a still life.  One of these new plug-ins, “Clarity” can give you a super sharp, saturated image without getting that fake looking “haloing” around the edges of buildings or other objects, especially when shot with a sky background.  Some other options include getting a more “gritty” look with your images.  I included a number of images I shot last Memorial Day weekend, which is really known as “Blossom Time” here in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  As an aside, this is something of an “anniversary blog” since my very first blog years ago was about “Blossom Time”.  Anyhow, I’m getting older, hopefully wiser, and more willing to experiment with my photography!  So here’s a sampling of some of the images I shot along with some of the various post processing techniques I used on them.  You may like them or not…actually I look at some and love them, and then I look again the next day and I’m not so sure, but that’s not the point.  What I’m doing here is experimenting, “pushing the envelope” if you will with my personal creative vision…something we all should be doing as creative people…o.k., I’m getting “preachy” again!  :D.  Let’s talk about the images.  “Blossom Ride” shows a normal and then a more gritty look…a little bit less saturated too.  The “Ferris Wheel” was composited with a stormy cloud background, then made gritty and desaturated, with a tone added.  The “Father & Kids” was made gritty, desaturated, and on one version, I added a border…but first I removed a lot of stuff like the garbage can etc.  This shot in particular is one where I waver between liking certain versions and then not liking them, but that’s fun in itself, experimenting with the image.  Finally, “The Bearded Guy”…wow, what a look.  You know I had to bring out the great texture in that beard!!  I also desaturated the image to increase the gritty tough look!  Like I said, I realize that not everyone will like some or maybe any of these, but I do hope it causes some of you to stop for just a second with your “tried & true” images and do a little experimenting.

"Blossom Ride Original"

“Blossom Ride Original”

"Blossom Ride Saturated"

“Blossom Ride Saturated”

"Ferris Wheel Original"

“Ferris Wheel Original”

"Storm Clouds"

“Storm Clouds”

"Ferris Wheel Final"

“Ferris Wheel Final”

"Dad & Kids Original"

“Dad & Kids Original”

"Dad & Kids Step 1"

“Dad & Kids Step 1”

"Dad & Kids Gritty"

“Dad & Kids Gritty”

"Dad & Kids Less Gritty With Border"

“Dad & Kids Less Gritty With Border”

"Bearded Guy Original"

“Bearded Guy Original”

"Bearded Guy Gritty"

“Bearded Guy Gritty”

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