Old Film Images…Meet The Digital Age!

July 1, 2013 § 2 Comments

"Taking A Walk"

“Taking A Walk”

This past year, my slide scanner bit the dust.  I still had around a 1000 transparencies to scan, but I didn’t want to invest in a new scanner.  I read about someone using a macro lens and backlighting their slides with a softbox..duh!  I have a macro lens and I have a softbox, so I went through my remaining slides and edited them down to around 250 images.  When I shot film…and usually transparencies back in the old days, I edited out so many images, for various reasons, that with some post-processing in Photoshop today, they would be “keepers”.  The first image here was a candid shot of my friend Kurt walking across a steam in Cooks Forest in Pa.  The iceberg was shot in Alaska, and the gull was shot in Hawaii…yes I did my share of traveling in my youth, but then I got old and boring!  The bridge was shot in New Orleans.  Let me explain how I did most of what you see in the transformation of the bridge image.  I use Lightroom to store my images and to sometimes do basic editing, although nowadays I do most of my editing in OnOne’s Perfect Effects and/or Topaz Clarity, Topaz Adjust, and Topaz Details.  Anyhow, back to LR.  I’m still using LR3, and I know the sliders are a bit different in the newer versions of LR, but I think you could probably still get the same effects.  So what you do is slide most of the sliders waaayy to the right!  Fill Light, Recovery, Contrast, Clarity, and Vibrance.  Then slide the Black slider to the right just far enough to bring back some blacks and then adjust the Exposure slider to your individual taste.  Some images will look horrible, and some will look great.  I usually wind up bringing the Fill Light slider back to the left a little.  The last step is to cut back on the Saturation slider unless you like that cartoon look.  With the “Plane and Sunset” image, I did a composite back in my film days using a Bowens Illumitron where you sandwiched slides together and then took a picture of the composite image.  I can’t find the image of just the plane, but I do have one of the plane and sunset.  The buildings were a separate image, so even though I’m showing only two composite parts, there are actually three images that make up this image.  So there are two composites here and one image where I just messed with sliders.  All were finished off using Topaz and/or OnOne programs…and of course Photoshop.  I do have more to show, but I’ll save some of them till my next post.  Thanks for your time.

"Kurt at Cooks Forest"

“Kurt at Cooks Forest”

"Iceberg in Alaska"

“Iceberg in Alaska”

"Seagulls in Hawaii"

“Seagulls in Hawaii”





"Plane & Sunset"

“Plane & Sunset”



"Plane, Buildings & Sunset"

“Plane, Buildings & Sunset”









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