We Live In Exciting Times…Creatively!

July 15, 2013 § 8 Comments

"Running Girl"

“Running Girl”

As “creatives”, these are really exciting times.  I’ve always been one to try and do everything I can in camera, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on something especially now.  This is actually “part 2” of my last blog.  I’m still sorting through old transparencies to see what I can come up with.  I found images that are just o.k., but when composited with other images, become a much more interesting image…such as “Running Girl”.  Actually the girl was shot last Spring, but the sidewalk and store fronts were shot in the mid-70’s.  I found images that by changing colors and/or adding more punch makes for a more visually exciting image.  Having a sentimental “grab shot” of my father holding my son, can be corrected as far as color is concerned…this was shot 19 years ago with very low available light, the wrong film for the light, and very under-exposed.  I corrected everything to my taste, added some mood and removed the background.  Same thing with the “Man & Bird”.  That old brick building was shot from my old studio window on a dull gray day.  I added some color, contrast, and using the “spotlight” filter in Photoshop, added a “late day” directional light to simulate a sunset.  The “Sailboat” was shot using a color filter and under-exposing…creative for the ’70’s.  I just threw in some clouds to get this final version.  Last but not least is a glass building that I added contrast to, added a second “flipped” copy and created what you see here.  Anyhow, if you have an imagination coupled with these modern tools, there’s no limit on what we can create!  Thanks again for checking me out.

"Kent St. Girl Running"

“Kent St. Girl Running”

"Santa Monica Sidewalk"

“Santa Monica Sidewalk”

"Dad & Johnny"

“Dad & Johnny”

"Dad & Johnny Original"

“Dad & Johnny Original”

"Man & His Bird"

“Man & His Bird”

"Man & His Bird Original"

“Man & His Bird Original”

"Blue Steps"

“Blue Steps”

"Blue Steps Before The Blue"

“Blue Steps Before The Blue”




"Superior Ave. Building"

“Superior Ave. Building”

"Superior Ave. Building Original"

“Superior Ave. Building Original”

"Sailboat & Sunset"

“Sailboat & Sunset”

"Sailboat & Sunset Original"

“Sailboat & Sunset Original”

"Glass Building Original"

“Glass Building Original”

"Glass Building x 2"

“Glass Building x 2”


§ 8 Responses to We Live In Exciting Times…Creatively!

  • Great examples of creativity! I especially love the last shot of the building. I had no idea that the first shot was a composite until I read the beginning of the post!

    • Michael, thanks. I was going through my old slides and made a digital copy of some of them. I had a slide of a girl on a bike from the same location that I thought I copied…I must have forgot. Being lazy, I started looking through some recent images and found the one of the girl running at my son’s school, Kent St. I shot her last June. Other than that, everything else is at least 25 years old…glad you liked them!

  • blueberriejournal says:

    Love the blue steps and the sailboat.

  • Chris Kane says:

    Jon, For metadata/keywording purposes, the ‘Santa Monica Sidewalk’ image is actually the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, CA.

  • CB says:

    Minor criticism about the running girl shot, but I think she is out of proportion. Compared to the shopfronts she looks about 10 foot tall! (to me at least)

    • Chris, thanks for checking my blog out. I do appreciate your comments, although I disagree. The proportions look fine to me. I did resize her by just “eyeballing” her, so I could be off, but like I said she looks o.k. to me.

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