Still life, Food, Lighting, and Behind The Scenes

August 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

"Bread 1"

“Bread 1”

Let me start out by saying I’m happy to be blogging again after dealing with some recent family health issues and I’m especially happy to be doing still lifes again…until I get antsy and want to go outdoors again!  Secondly, I’d like to say that while I love to shoot food, I’m not really a “food” photographer, but rather a still life shooter who sometimes uses food as a subject.  Not clear?  I didn’t think so.  I can shoot “ready made food, but I have no kitchen in my studio, so shooting that souffle right out of the oven before it falls is out of the question.  Anyhow, I recently found some great looking loaves of bread at a brand new supermarket that opened just down the road.  I passed the bakery, and these loaves were sitting in the bread case just begging me to buy them, take them home, and shoot them!  O.K. they weren’t actually talking, but…I don’t know, maybe they were, anyhow, here they are.  What I love about food photography is how food as a subject has so many different textures, colors, and shapes.  A nicely lit and composed food shot evokes so many different feelings…warm and fuzzy, refreshing, hunger, thirst, and more.  I certainly don’t feel that when I look at a shot of my cats.  I’m also including a couple of shots of toys.  Again, toys as a subject can evoke some great feelings from a more innocent period of our lives.  I included some behind the scenes shots of my lighting techniques.  Really only two versions here.  Bread 1, Bread 3, Toys 1 and Toys 2 were lit the same…a silk over the set, and an Apollo softbox for a general fill.  Sometimes(see blog post “Incredibly Soft Light), this is all I do.  This time I added a second light…a reflector with a 30 degree grid coming in through the silk.  By playing with the intensity of the individual light, you can blend them anyway you like…just make sure you don’t get some cross shadows or other offending results.  Now the shot entitled Bread 2 is a bit different.  Basically I just removed the silk, but still blended the two lights…same Apollo softbox, and the reflector still has the 30 degree grid.  One last thing about the lighting.  On the Toy 2 image, I have a small mirror to bounce a little light onto the ball since it kind of gets lost in that dark catcher’s mitt.  Almost forgot…a couple of reflectors to add a small amount of fill.  Finally, I used OnOne’s Perfect Effects to bring out the texture even more.  Any questions?  Just fire away, I’m glad to help, and thanks for following along.

"Bread 2"

“Bread 2”

"Bread 3"

“Bread 3”

"Bread 2 BTS"

“Bread 2 BTS”

"Bread 3(and 1) BTS"

“Bread 3(and 1) BTS”

"Toys 1"

“Toys 1”

"Both Toys Images BTS"

“Both Toys Images BTS”

"Toys 2"

“Toys 2”


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