Debi Belt, A “Cleveland Creative”

October 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Debi Belt

Debi Belt

When showing my book to an art director or designer, I’ve always tried to learn about their interests in the creative fields.  When they’re not doing layouts, what do they do?  Are they painters, writers, or maybe even photographers?  I know one who’s a weaver(I think that’s really cool and would love to feature her on my blog someday).  Another has a company that produces some of the coolest T-shirts I’ve ever seen!  This past summer, I had a meeting with Debi Belt.  Debi formerly worked at some of the top ad agencies in the mid-west.  She now runs her own design firm as a freelancer while also teaching design on the college level at a local college.  She’s also involved with an organization called Young Rembrandts, an organization dedicated to teaching drawing to elementary age school children in an after school program.  What’s really cool is that I discovered that Debi attended the same art school that I did, and at the same time…a shout-out here for The Cooper School of Art!  Her hobby…how she finds the time is beyond me…is stripping the old paint and finish off of old wooden chairs and re-painting them with brightly colored designs.  Right now, this is a hobby with the intention of turning it into a business in the future.  If interested in finding out more about these chairs, or even purchasing one, contact Debi at

As far as the actual shooting, Debi and I created an “artists studio” in my studio to create this “environmental portrait”.  It was great working on set with such a talented art director/designer.  In pulling this image off, I added a bit of light streaming in from the window in Photoshop for an added effect.  I have a few more artists lined up for future shoots, but if any of you reading this would like to be a future subject, please let me know…I think artists make such great subjects.  As always, thanks for following along!

"One of Debi's Chairs"

“One of Debi’s Chairs”

"Debi's Chair at an Angle"

“Debi’s Chair at an Angle”

"The Set...Behind the Scenes"

“The Set…Behind the Scenes”

"Debi Belt"

“Debi Belt”


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