Photography as Therapy

January 13, 2014 § 12 Comments

"Just Down The Road"

“Just Down The Road”

Boy it seems like ages since my last post…here’s why.  Late in the summer, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  With all of the appointments, biopsies, ultrasounds, MRI’s and finally surgery, I was a mess…she was great, I was a mess!  Anyhow, I had no desire to do anything other than sit around and feel bad.  My wife, on the otherhand, got up, went to work, and pretty much led a very normal life.  The surgery went well, but she’s now undergoing chemo more as a preventative measure.  At this point, her prognosis is excellent.  So back in the fall when she had her surgery, I decided to get off my butt and go down the road(2 minutes from my house) and shoot scenics in the local park.  No studio lights, no still life, no props…nothing but walking around and shooting pictures.  Boy did I feel great…like a junkie getting his fix…o.k. maybe that’s not the most pleasant comparison, but you get what I’m saying.  So I shoot these pictures, and then we hear the talk about chemo.  Talk about getting deflated.  So these images stayed on my memory card, not even getting downloaded for over a month.  My wife’s handling the chemo like a champ, and I start to get antsy about my images.  At the same time, I see an offer for a great deal on an “OnOne Software” program.  I buy the program, download the images and work on a few of the shots…the ones you see here.  I think any photographer, or any artist for that matter, knows how producing something, whether simple or complex, can breath life into a depressing situation.  So, here’s the situation, my wife’s doing great, and I’m back to doing what I love…creating images.  Hope you like them…they’ve been very therapeutic for me.

"Bentleyville Park"

“Bentleyville Park”

"Bentleyville Park Again"

“Bentleyville Park Again”

"Bentleyville Park...One Last Time"

“Bentleyville Park…One Last Time”

Hope you enjoyed them…till next time.


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