Just Playing With Some New Toys

March 31, 2014 § 6 Comments

"Flag Lady"

“Flag Lady”

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post!  In my last blog, I made reference to my wife’s battle with breast cancer, and how it pretty much “took the wind out of both of our sails”.  We did have a scare two weeks ago, but it turned out to be nothing, so at this point she’s cancer free!  I had a couple of small jobs, but blogging pretty much took a back seat.  During the time I was gone from here, one of my favorite software companies, OnOne Software, had a major upgrade.  I purchased it and I love it, although I’m still trying to figure out how all the different components work.  I wanted to try doing some composites…something I’ve done in the past with Photoshop, but I thought I’d give OnOne’s version a try.  In all honesty, I wound up getting a little confused, so I would revert back to my old methods in Photoshop to get me through everything.  OnOne has tons of on line tutorials, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get more fluent in the near future.  Anyhow, I don’t mean for this to be a commercial, but if they ever want to sponsor someone…well, you get my point!  So on to this simple composition.  Last fall, I was walking around the local park when I noticed this lady walking her dogs.  She was wearing this wild looking “American flag jacket”, so I had to get a shot.  About a month later, I was shooting some wild grass areas in another local park.  I tried different angles to get some of the setting sun in the images, while trying to avoid lens flare.  Nice shots, but a bit boring.  So looking for some simple images to get my feet wet with my new software, I decided to make a composite of the two shots.  I did some basic post work on the grass shot, and then did the same on the “Flag Lady” image.  I stripped her out of the background, positioned her on the grass shot, and then used the transform tool to resize her.  Once I got her into the position I wanted(including flipping her direction), I did post processing work on the whole composite.  I use Topaz’s “Detail” to add some texture to the total image, but wound up brushing the texture out of the sky while leaving it in the lady’s clothes and the grass.  The first image here called “Flag Lady” is without the texture in the sky.  I’m also including “Flag Lady With Textured Sky” so you can compare.  You may like the more dramatic sky, but I thought it detracted from the lady.  Again, sorry for such a long time between posts, but I’ve recharged my batteries and I’m ready to go!  Thanks for checking me out!

"Flag Lady Original"

“Flag Lady Original”

"Wild Grass"

“Wild Grass”

"Flag Lady With Textured Sky"

“Flag Lady With Textured Sky”

"Flag Lady"

“Flag Lady”

I added the first shot again so you can easily compare the two versions.  Thanks again!




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