Winter Scenes Post Processing…A Little Of This, A Little Of That

April 28, 2014 § 2 Comments

"Monotone With Texture"

“Monotone With Texture”

I HATE WINTER!!  O.K. I got that off my chest!  This past winter had to be the worst I’ve ever experienced, and I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I HATE WINTER!!  Every year, no matter how cold and snowy it is, I have to go out and shoot some pictures.  I live in a beautiful area, with lots of parks, water falls, and trails.  Winter scenes can be some of the most beautiful images you’ll ever take, and that comes from someone who HATES WINTER.  I shot these images toward the end of this past winter(I know I just jinxed myself, and we’ll get a foot of snow tomorrow).  The 1st image was actually taken from inside my house…I had to build up to actually shoot outside.  The rest were taken in the park system just down the road from our house.  I shoot fine art photography mainly B&W with some toning and textures applied.  I don’t show my fine art on my website, concentrating more on advertising/editorial there.  The 1st and 2nd images here were shot in color, but the original images pretty much were monotone.  I added the textured background in OnOne Software, and actually added texture to the subject matter with a couple of different Topaz filters, namely Adjust, Details, and Clarity.  The rest of the images were pretty much normal for me, colorful, with a bit of texture.  The 3rd image I made more of a softer look, while the last two were more vibrant.  I did some other editing such as removing things in the background, straightening, stuff, and adding a bit of texture to the tree bark.  I’m supplying the originals so you can see what changes I made.  Any questions?  Please feel free to ask.

"Winter Scene 2 With Texture and a Border Added"

“Winter Scene 2 With Texture and a Border Added”

"1st Image Original"

“1st Image Original”

"Winter Scene 2 Original"

“Winter Scene 2 Original”

"Winter Scene 3"

“Winter Scene 3”

"Winter Scene 3 Original"

“Winter Scene 3 Original”

"Winter Scene 4"

“Winter Scene 4”

"Winter Scene 4 Original"

“Winter Scene 4 Original”

"Winter Scene 5"

“Winter Scene 5”

"Winter Scene 5 Original"

“Winter Scene 5 Original”

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