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"Frohring Meadows 1"

“Frohring Meadows 1”

My last few blogs have been about lighting things in a studio.  I’ve shot some images with natural light, some with strobe, and some using a small flashlight while doing a technique called “light painting”.  This post is about shooting outdoors using natural light.  This is how I started.  No different than most people…get a camera, go outside and shoot pictures.  Pretty easy with digital to go out and shoot a ton of shots and come away with some pretty damn good images.  Back in the film days, there were times I’m sure where you got your film developed and had some pretty terrible results.  If you go way back to one of my previous blogs, you can read about how I travelled around the country with my camera set on the same shutter speed and f-stop no matter what the lighting conditions…no “auto anything” on my camera back then.  I guess you can say that I had my camera set on “auto dummy”, but I’ll stop there.  Anyhow, with the great cameras we have today, and the ability to go out and shoot a ton of images using a memory card instead of expensive rolls of film, there’s no reason, not to go out and shoot, shoot, and shoot!  We have the ability to experiment, and with Photoshop, we have an even greater chance to do some really cool things.  While I was blogging the last couple of months about shooting indoors, I was actually spending more time outdoors shooting for my self and for a client.  For myself, I spent some time shooting in one of the local parks near my home.  For the client, I shot various companies’ store fronts…great job, shooting natural light, for some great clients!  For both, I spent time in Photoshop taking my raw images and enhancing them.  I always shoot raw, and while pretty bland out of the camera, I have a greater latitude while post-processing.  With some of the store fronts(not the one included here), I even added a different sky since the skies on certain days were pretty blah…this one was nice though, just needed some tweaking.  The “job” image here is an outtake, while the others are from my permanent “scenic” files.  I’ve included the raw files of each so you can see what I add in post processing, and have the “before and after” images for comparison.  As usual, I used Photoshop, and various filters from OnOne Software and Topaz Labs.

"Store Front Outtake"

“Store Front Outtake”

"Store Front Outtake Original"

“Store Front Outtake Original”

"Frohring Meadows 1 Original"

“Frohring Meadows 1 Original”

"Frohring Meadows 2"

“Frohring Meadows 2”

"Frohring Meadows 2 Original"

“Frohring Meadows 2 Original”

"Frohring Meadows 3 Original"

“Frohring Meadows 3 Original”

"Frohring Meadows 3"

“Frohring Meadows 3”

Once again, hope you enjoy!


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