Back To Black and White

July 21, 2014 § 4 Comments

"Flowers 1"

“Flowers 1”

I learned about b&w film and processing back at the Cooper School of Art where I studied commercial photography.  This was back in the late 70’s, and I continued to shoot b&w for years after.  Now with digital, I shoot everything in color and convert some of the images to b&w.  For the longest time, I felt that digital b&w’s from color files just didn’t hold up to the good old film days.  Now, however, there are some great programs out there enabling a photographer to make fantastic b&w images.  I’ve been using OnOne’s “Perfect Black & White” for quite some time.  It’s now even better with the newer versions.  I know some photographers like Nik Software, but I’ve never used that brand.  Anyhow, I’ve talked online with a couple of very well know photographers who feel that b&w is making a comeback in the commercial field.  It’s always been a fine art favorite, but now it’s expanding into other areas.  I do have a lot of b&w images, but up until now, I kept them in files on my website that weren’t visible to the general public.  I’ll be editing down a number of these images and creating newer ones in the next couple of weeks.  One of my favorite things to do in b&w are flowers and plants, so I thought I’d start out showing some of those.  In the future, I’ll post some b&w images of cars, scenics and buildings…maybe even some people shots.  I added some borders on these images…I think it adds a little bit extra.  Hope you like them!

"Flowers 2"

“Flowers 2”



"Flowers 3"

“Flowers 3”

"Flowers 4"

“Flowers 4”

"Flowers 5"

“Flowers 5”

Thanks…any questions on how I did them, feel free to ask!


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