I Lost My Best Friend Today

September 23, 2014 § 12 Comments



This blog will be different …no behind the scenes, no information on how I did the images, just a tribute to my very best friend.  Today started like any other day.  Zeus barks to let me know that he has to do his “business”.  He walks down to his “favorite place” to poop, and then from a distance I realize he’s in some kind of distress.  He’s almost 13 and he’s been getting constipated at times.  I thought that might be the case, but he had to sit and rest halfway back to the house.  He got back and was really distressed so we called our vet and took him right up.  Turns out his stomach “flipped” and he was bloating up before our eyes.  I never saw an animal in such distress.  The chance that he’d survive a surgery was almost nil because of his age, so we put him to sleep.  I mentioned he was my best friend, and I mean it.  I once saw a saying on our vet’s wall that said “a dog is the only thing that love’s you more than he loves himself”.  I know that was true about my Zeus.  Anyhow, I hope you indulge me this bit of sadness.  I’m sitting here writing this and thinking it’s getting dark outside and I have to take him out for his evening walk…I’m still in a bit of shock.  Let me leave you with a couple of images that were taken in much happier times.

"My Family"

“My Family”

"I miss you old friend"

“I miss you old friend”


§ 12 Responses to I Lost My Best Friend Today

  • I’m so sorry to hear that. I know how it feels to lose such a friend.

  • Hey Jon,
    I am saddened by your loss. Your photo captures the spirit of a wonderful beast. I am reading this as I too have to contemplate putting down my dear beast Dutchess. We will always look for them at the times and places we remember them being when they walked with us. The one place where we will always find them is in our hearts.

    • Dave, thanks. I’m sorry to hear about what’s probably ahead for you and Dutchess. With all the cats and dogs we’ve had and lost for all of these years, it’s always so sad. I was just talking to Ann last week about how we’ve had so many pets that we truly loved, but how Zeus transcended from pet to family. I knew he was getting old, and we would be faced with the same decision you’re facing now, but what is so hard is how Zeus was fine less than 10 minutes earlier. I couldn’t figure out what transpired right before my eyes, I thought he must have had a stroke. This same thing happened to Ann’s best friend’s Great Dane Gracie just a few weeks ago, never thought we’d be going through the same thing 2 weeks later. Take care. We really need to get together when you have some time.

  • Oh my. 😦
    Sendings hugs to your whole family.

  • Lost my own best friend a few years back, she had a massive tumour and was blind. Still miss her sitting by my side while i work away. Just remember the good times. Stay strong.

    • Victor, sorry for your loss. It’s true that they are so comforting when times are rough. I just keep thinking about that quote that I had in my blog…they truly love us more than they love themselves!

  • Hi Jon, I’m know how difficult it is to lose a best friend, and my heart goes out to you. I’ve heard of other (mostly larger) dogs that have had this same problem, and it is very difficult to “fix”. You did the right thing keeping your bf from suffering terrible pain. Love to you and your family. Tammy B.

  • Randy Wyant says:

    I just came to your blog for the first time (from your Nikon Linkedin post), and saw this post. We had to put our dog Sophie down this past Sunday (Italian Greyhound 15+ years old), so I’m right with you. It seems that every square inch of our house brings back some memory, no matter how mundane it might be. Tears of sadness come. Memories remain. We are dog portrait photographers among other types, and now we know firsthand the advice that we give out- get nice photos of your pet while you can. I see that you did. Best wishes.

    • Randy, thanks! Sorry to hear about Sophie. These dogs(and cats) are not pets, but family members. We got Zeus in 2003 when he was 1 year old. Last week I told my wife that I was going to go to Rescue Village, the nearby animal rescue facility where we got Zeus. She said I shouldn’t so soon because I would fall in love with every dog there…she was right! Anyhow, there was a dog named Cherokee who was an exact replica of Zeus, only smaller. I really wanted that dog, but there was also a 10 year old dog named Cosmo. I asked how often 10 year old dogs get adopted, and they said not often. Anyhow, it turns out that Cosmos former family had him since birth, but they were moving into a condo that didn’t allow dogs! My wife said she would have looked for a condo that took dogs! Really, they had him since birth(I have his birth records, but the family’s name was blacked out. My wife and I were not ready for a new dog so soon, but we couldn’t leave him there. Rescue Village knew we were a good family, so they gave him to us for free since he was 10. So we now have a new family member. He’s gone through so much, but he’s adjusting more everyday. He’s getting all the love he deserves! I’m still not over Zeus, and there will never be another just like him, and you’re right when you say that every little thing brings back memories, but it feels so good to be able to give Cosmo a great home. By the way, Cosmo is so full of energy and in such great shape, that everyone thinks he’s a lot younger than 10. I’m sure you’ll someday have a new 4 legged family member, no one can replace Sophie, but you sound like you have a lot of love that’s just looking to be given to someone in the future…good luck!

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