“Painting” With My “Brushes and Canvas”

October 13, 2014 § 8 Comments

"Paintings 1"

“Paintings 1”

Recently, Topaz, one of my favorite Photoshop plug-ins introduced a product named “Impressions” which would enable a photographer to upload an image, press a button and turn that image into a “Monet”, “Van Gogh”, “Cezanne”, or any number of other presets.  What’s cool about this product, is that you have the ability to combine, mask out or in, or vary in a number of ways the settings so you can pretty much create your own style.  Topaz is a great company with wonderful products, and I’m debating whether to add this one to my arsenal.  It’s something that a client might want for a particular assignment, but I don’t think it’s something that I would wind up using all the time.  Never the less, I was intrigued enough to grab a handful of my existing images and play!  What I basically did was use some of the plugins I normally use to add texture and/or grit to an image and do the opposite…smoothing the image by sliding the sliders in the opposite direction.  I then thought about brushing out this “new technique” in some areas so I would have a combination of smooth, gritty or something in-between.  As usual, I’m posting the before images, so you can see where I started, and where I ended up.  As always, feel free to ask any questions.

"Paintings 1 Original"

“Paintings 1 Original”

"Paintings 2"

“Paintings 2”

"Paintings 2 Original"

“Paintings 2 Original”

"Paintings 3"

“Paintings 3”

"Paintings 3 Original"

“Paintings 3 Original”

"Paintings 4"

“Paintings 4”

"Paintings 4 Original"

“Paintings 4 Original”

"Paintings 5"

“Paintings 5”

"Paintings 5 Original"

“Paintings 5 Original”

Hope you enjoyed this.  Excuse me now while I try to find my beret and monocle!


§ 8 Responses to “Painting” With My “Brushes and Canvas”

  • Tony says:

    Wow.. you press a button and made it look “Impressionist” – i am so impressed. This is as boring as using Photoshop Filters and worst of all you think you’re some kind of artist for pressing a button. Laughable.

    • Tony, I posted this to show people what is possible, if you don’t like it, fine. Number one, you sound like one of those “purists” when it comes to photography. You talk about Photoshop as if it’s the ruination of photography. Try looking up Duane Michaels and Jerry Uelsman to name a couple of very famous photographers that used compositing, blending and filters to achieve a surreal look back in the 60’s and 70’s…kind of like we use Photoshop for today. Actually, Ansel Adams was an advocate of manipulating his shooting,film processing,and printing to achieve a certain look. I don’t think I’m “some kind of an artist for pressing a button”. I’d like to think that I’m “some kind of an artist” for the many things I’ve done the last 30+ years in photography. Check out my “Light Painting” gallery where everything there was lit with an $8 dollar pencil light flashlight. Check out my “Still Life” gallery where everything there was lit by thousands of dollars worth of studio strobes or check out my location work, where I used nothing but available light, not even a little on camera flash…those are the things that make me think that just maybe, I’m “some kind of an artist”. Here’s an idea, why don’t you post something somewhere where we can actually see what you’ve done…looking forward to see your work!

  • Mary says:

    I really love what you did with your photographs. They are very intriguing in the “after” shots. Very nice work!

  • Deb says:

    I too have been playing around with Topaz Impression. Unfortunately, the only one I really like is the Impasto. This, to me, is the only one that comes close enough to “painting”. The others just appear as filters to me. But for now, the Impasto is enough to keep me going.

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