One Main Color

February 3, 2015 § 2 Comments

"Lemon and Ice"

“Lemon and Ice”

I love color…earthy, loud, subtle, bright, whatever!  There’s a lot of cool photography out there where the photographer uses a more “washed out” gritty look.  I love it, actually have a few shots like that on my own website, not to mention my “Monotone” gallery.  Certain styles of photography, such as photojournalism, lend themselves to black and white images…there’s a real power that comes through with the use of black and white.  I mentioned before that I learned photography by studying the great photographers that shot black and white such as Cartier-Bresson, Karsh, Newman and Eisenstaedt.  Those were my heroes!  Then I happened to see some Nikon ads featuring the work of Pete Turner, Eric Meola and Jay Maisel…color, and lot’s of it…what a life changing experience…at least when it came to my photography!  When I went to school, I learned still life shooting, and the style that I fell in love with was that of Phil Marco’s and Michael O’Neill’s…moody lighting, lots of shadows, and a splash of color!  The images I’m showing today, are still life images with just one main color.  Most of the image is pretty much monotone, but there’s that main splash of color to draw the eye to the subject.  Pretty much self-explanatory, hope you enjoy.  Oh yeah, blue is my favorite color, and the bottles also lent themselves to various compositions, so I’m including a couple of extras.

"Blue Bottles 1"

“Blue Bottles 1”

"Tomato Soup"

“Tomato Soup”

"Green Candies"

“Green Candies”

"Blue Bottles 2 "

“Blue Bottles 2 “

"Blue Bottles 3 "

“Blue Bottles 3 “

As always, thanks for looking!



§ 2 Responses to One Main Color

  • Lewis says:

    Hey Jon. Nice work. For the soup, how did you get the smoke – did you Photoshop it in, or did you use something like cigar smoke?
    I like the idea of one color. Of course since you know that only black is the absence of color and that everything else is a color, you are talking about a splash of color, not a monochrome photo with one vivid color, right? 🙂 Just playing with ya.
    I see you live in OH; I thought that you lived in PA. Where did I get that notion?
    As always, I enjoy your blogs.

  • Lewis, good to hear from you again. About the color…you’re correct, a splash of a dominant color. The green candy shot has a gold tint on the handles of the container. The soup spoon has a bit of color, and the ice cubes were very bluish, but I reduced the blue. At first, I totally desaturated the ice cubes, but thought it looked very bland, so I left just a hint of blue. The smoke is a PS brush. I have a series of them. The idea is to cut the opacity way down so it looks realistic.

    I was born in Pittsburgh, but my parents moved to Cleveland when I was 6 months old, back in 1950. I love the Pirates, hate the Steelers! 😀

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