Old And “Textury”…No, It’s Not A Selfie!

March 2, 2015 § 6 Comments

"Antique Camera and Pictures"

“Antique Camera and Pictures”

My last blog was about using a bright color to draw the eye to an area of a photograph.  This time I’m focusing (no pun intended) on another one of my favorite elements of composition…texture.  I love lighting something in such a way as to accent any texture a subject may have.  If I’m doing a portrait of a woman, I’ll minimize the texture on the skin, while increasing it in the hair and clothing.  My favorite things to shoot are still life subjects, and my favorite still life subjects are old things.  The images I’m showing today, are a series of set-ups I did this past week.  Since I was going to use my Streamlight flashlight, I was able to set everything up in a spare bedroom.  I didn’t need a lot of space for lights etc., so all of these shots were done in a space about 5′ wide and from camera to subject it was about 8′.  Great since my studio is like an icebox right now!  I set an old piece of wood across the arms of a loveseat in the room and draped a black cloth over the back of the loveseat and tucked it behind the board.  All I needed was a tripod, camera, lens, and the flashlight.  Using the flashlight, I’m able to cross-light a subject to bring out the texture and then pull back and use a broader sweeping motion for a general fill.  You can see in the broom and dustpan shot how I was able to create a small shaft of light on the broom, something I’d have to use a snoot for if I was using strobes.  Also, let me point out that the Cleveland Browns images may not be “historically” correct.  I don’t know if they were still using leather helmets when the Cleveland Browns came into existence…this is my pre-emptive move since I’m sure someone will point out any inaccuracies in my images!  :D.  One last thing, if I look at one of my images and feel I’d like to add more texture, I use Topaz Adjust or Topaz Detail to bring out more of the texture.  Hope you enjoy this, and as always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

"Clean-up on Aisle 5"

“Clean-up on Aisle 5”

"Plumbing Parts"

“Plumbing Parts”

"More Old Baseball Stuff"

“More Old Baseball Stuff”

"Cleveland Browns 1"

“Cleveland Browns 1”

"Cleveland Browns 2"

“Cleveland Browns 2”

Thanks for checking me out!


§ 6 Responses to Old And “Textury”…No, It’s Not A Selfie!

  • D Settle says:

    Very good. I like the older stuff and the setups work.

  • Lewis says:

    Hey Jon. Thanks again for sharing. I understand you not wanting to be in the barn right now… 😉
    The 2 Browns photos could be one of those “what’s different” deals. Like the football is different, the helmet is different, the middle banner’s tie is moved, etc. Cool!
    Question – in the cleanup on aisle 5, is that smoke I see on the thing being swept up?

  • Lewis, thanks. My barn studio is like an ice box! On the Browns photos, I couldn’t decide which to shoot so I shot both. Then I couldn’t decide which to show, so I showed both. Browns #1 is an actual antique helmet and ball. Browns #2 are replicas From Past Time Sports. They make equipment for movies etc, but you can buy them too. College, pros, and some baseball and basketball too. The “dirt” on”Aisle 5″ is actually the stuffing from the loveseat that I used to put my old board on. A couple of our cats used it as a scratching post and pulled the stuffing out somewhat. I grabbed some and some old paper towels that rolled up into a ball. The fibers from the stuffing are so thin that it gives a transparent, “smokey” look. I just grabbed what was handy for the shot. Thanks for looking!

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