Phone Photography Phun…eh Fun

June 29, 2015 § 2 Comments

"My Wife's Plants"

“My Wife’s Plants”

Last Winter, we upgraded our phones to the latest Samsung Galaxy smart phones.  Since then, Samsung’s come out with a newer one…so much for having the top of the line in this day and age.  My phone has 16 mega pixels whereas my old Nikon D200 has 10.  I started shooting images of the plants my wife planted around our porch.  I shot the cats, and our dog.  I shot trees and clouds, in other words, I did a lot of “snap shots”.  I did nothing with these images…they stayed right where “snap shots” belong…on my phone!  Anyhow, last week, my son and I decided to go to Edgewater Beach to see the renovation.  For all of you non-Clevelanders, Edgewater is a little to the west of Cleveland along Lake Erie.  So Johnny and I are walking around and I see a bunch of interesting shots…shots that would be great if I had only thought of bringing my camera along!  I wanted to kick myself for being so dumb, but I figured I’d shoot things with my phone…what else could I do?  It was so bright, that I couldn’t see. “Were they in focus”, “is the composition exactly what I want”…questions that don’t come up with my Nikon and my Hoodman loupe!  Anyhow, I did the best I could.  When I got to my car and could see the images, I was surprised to see that everything looked pretty good.  I went home and wound up emailing selected images to myself and then dragged them into either Lightroom or Photoshop.  I started to play and before long, I was making composite shots.  I went up to my studio and shot a picture of my own hand holding my phone.  I did that shot with my Nikon and my strobes.  I composited some of the Edgewater images with my hand holding my phone.  I also saw a young man reading at a picnic table…oblivious to all that was going on around him.  I decided to remove everything around him to convey the feeling I had when I saw him.  I also adjusted the color to give that shot a slightly more surreal feel.  I really started to have phun…I mean fun with my phone images.  I even made a cove at Edgewater into an island…I’ve included a couple of before shots so you can see the before and after.  After Edgewater, we went to a local diner for lunch.  While waiting for our food, I did what I do best…annoy my son by shooting pictures of him!  Hope you enjoy looking at all of them as much as I did in making them.

"Solitary Man"

“Solitary Man”

"Solitary Man" Original

“Solitary Man” Original

"The Island"

“The Island”

"The Island" Version 2

“The Island” Version 2

"The Island" Original

“The Island” Original

"Edgewater Girls Composite"

“Edgewater Girls Composite”

"Johnny At The Diner"

“Johnny At The Diner Composite”

"Cosmo On The Porch"

“Cosmo On The Porch”

"Ann's Flowers"

“Ann’s Flowers”

"One Last Plant"

“One Last Plant”

Thanks for looking!


§ 2 Responses to Phone Photography Phun…eh Fun

  • david rainier says:

    Hey Jon,
    Is the lighting on the plants/flowers done w/photoshop? If not it is spectacular. How did you get that effect?

    • Hi Dave, the lighting is basically the same, but I accentuate it in Photoshop. In other words, the highlights and shadows are there naturally, but I’ll make the highlights brighter and the shadows darker. The black areas in the 1st photo were brown dirt, but I made those areas black to add more drama and contrast.

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