Lost Treasures…Found!

July 27, 2015 § 14 Comments



I was remodeling my studio last week when I came across a box of old negatives.  There were some that I have no idea why I saved them, but I did find some real treasures.  I found a couple of envelopes containing some old black & white negatives of my grandfather.  One of the images was something I had an old scan of and I did reproduce it before, but the rest were lost and all but forgotten until this past week.  My grandfather died at 97, and I believe these were taken during the last one or two years of his life…I think.  I probably shot these around 35-40 years ago.  My scanner broke, so I laid these down on a light table, shot them with my macro lens, uploaded them into Photoshop, clicked on Image>Adjustments>Invert, and had my image…sort of.  It took a lot of work using curves, levels, Topaz, and OnOne’s Perfect Photosuite 9 to get these to look like they do here, but I now have them digitally reproduced.  They were shot in his old kitchen with not very good lighting, so I brought out the drama in post processing.  The picture of me with my grandfather was shot by my mother…that is when she wasn’t explaining to him in Hungarian, what the hell I was doing there!  Somehow, my mom couldn’t get a picture of both of us in focus at the same time…if grandpa was in focus, I wasn’t and vice versa.  I took one shot of him in focus and one with me in focus and blended them together.  Thanks for taking this trip with me down memory lane!



"Grandpa, smoking's not good for you!"

“Grandpa, smoking’s not good for you!”

"I always wondered what he was thinking"

“I always wondered what he was thinking”

"Grandpa and his hippy grandson"

“Grandpa and his hippy grandson”

"A hard but good life"

“A hard but good life”

Thanks again!


§ 14 Responses to Lost Treasures…Found!

  • Mark Gilvey says:

    If your Grandfather was anything like mine, the lead shot should probably be captioned “Oh here goes that damn kid again with his camera!” Thanks for the reminder BTW. I did a short multi projector slide show of my grandfather shelling hickory nuts in his shed for a school project. Reminds me I better hurry up and scan them before they disappear.

    • Mark, my grandfather kept asking my mother why I was doing this! She told him something in Hungarian and he just went along with it! Do scan anything that’s important! I discovered a couple of slides that had a mold growing on them. Fortunately in Photoshop, you can get rid of the offending stuff.

  • Cyndi says:

    As I said on FB – lovely shots of my great-grandpa. I only know him through photographs, so many thanks for sharing. xx

  • Carolyn Dollish says:

    We. Have a picture of grandpa on our mantle. Looks like it was taken the same day. He spoke to me in English . The family couldn’t believe that . He knew I was a nurse and called me his blue angel.

    • Hi Carolyn. I’m wondering if someone else took some pictures that day. In the negatives I see Aunt Ethel and Uncle John, Aunt Rose, and I think Uncle Art. Donna Gergely(Billy’s wife) says they have a copy also. It’s strange because my mother or brothers never had any copies, and neither do I. Do you or Al know how you got that picture? If I printed it, I totally have forgotten doing it. Take care and give my love to Al and you.

  • Markus Vance says:

    They are wonderful photos of my great-grandfather also. These are definitely Treasures!

  • Carole Amrhein says:

    Great images of your grandfather. And check you out as the young hippie grandson! 🙂 What a great find this was for you, and wonderful job restoring the images. Aren’t you glad we have these programs at our disposal now?

  • Carole, thanks! You’re 100% correct, we’re very lucky to have all of these tools at our disposal!

  • Julie Vance Hamilton says:

    Wow!!! My brother, Mark told me you posted pics of Great Grandpa! They are fabulous! It’s great to see that you are still in photography! I met him a couple times when I was very young…but this is how I remember him. He never spoke English when I was at his house. I was fascinated by his mustache. ( something that you didn’t see everyday). Amazing photos.. Hope you are well! By the way…I want my nose back!

    • Hi Julie, how are you? I never heard him speak English either. My mother or your grandfather or one of the others would have to interpret. Remember when he kissed you how it tickled? I forgot all about how I used to steal your nose…but you can’t have it back!! Tell your mom and dad I send my love…and to you and your family too!

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